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English of word of Chinese distinctive concept conveys a law
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1, Chinese idea word (Chinesenesses)

Trigram of the Eight Diagrams

Shade, in relief Yin, yang

Path Dao (Cf. Logo)

All corners of the country (the world) The Jianghu World (The Traits ' World)

E.g. You Can ' T Control Everything In A Traits ' World. (The person is in all corners of the country, cannot help doing sth)

Path Daoism (Taoism)

Excessive Internal Heat of suffer from excessive internal heat

Confucianism learn Confucianism

Red learn (" red Lou Meng " research) Redology

Shangri-la Or Arcadia of a haven of peace

Open Kaifang (Chinese Openness To The Outside World)

Mess Getting An Equal Share Regardless Of The Work Done

Bruise literature Scar Literature Or The Literature Of The Wounded

Do not do one knife to cut No Imposing Uniformity On...

Accord with national condition, suitable popular wishes To Conform With The National Conditions And The Will Of The People

Random apportion, collect fees in disorder Imposition Of Arbitrary Quotas And Service Charge

Iron (lifetime) Post of iron an ancient folding chair ' S; Guaranteed Leading Post

Take off deficient To Shake Off Poverty; Anti-poverty

Treat promote, decline in disorder Order Leads To Prosperity And Chaos To Decline

  The festival festival of 2, the Chinese nation (Chinese Festivial)

National Day National Day

Mid-Autumn Day/Festival of the Mid-autumn Festival

Spring Festival Spring Festival

Lantern Festival of festival of lanterns

Children's Festival Children ' S Day

Dragon Boat Festival of dragon boat festival

Women of woman red-letter day ' S Day

Water-splashing Festival Water-Splashing Day

Teacher's day Teachers ' Day

Youth Day of 54 youth day

  3, China's distinctive traditional food (Unique Traditional Chinese Foods)

Wonton Wonton

Fried dumpling Guotie (fried Jiaozi)

Steamed Twisted Rolls of steamed twisted roll

Formula Set Meal

Box meal Box Lunch; Chinese Take-away

Rice Tofu of rice bean curd

Konjak Tofu of demon taro bean curd

Ground rice Rice Noodles

Put A Stick Of Sugar-coated Haws (or Apples of sugarcoated haws on a stick on the ice, etc. Etc..

Chaffy dish Chafing Dish

Eight-treasure Rice Pudding of eight treasures meal

Glass Noodles of vermicelli made from bean starch

Jellied Bean Curd of jellied bean curd
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