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Express " of all kinds person " English affix
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Learn English to want to master many vocabulary, and master good affix, it is the efficient way that raises a vocabulary. For instance, the elephant is added at the back of certain verb " - Er, - Or, etc. " can make a name, express " be engaged in some kind of occupational person " or " some kind person " . Observe carefully, can discover its differ somewhat. Below, will express " person " affix tries to classify summary.

  One, will look from officially of social administrative levels, position, job:

1, add " - Er " can express " person " , denotive character social class is inferior below circumstance of majority of this kind of word, or look from the history inferior.

Exemple: Beginner abecedarian / novice, driver driver, teacher teacher, labourer laborer, runner runner / messenger, skier skier, swimmer swimmer, observer observer / observer, passenger of Murderer murderer Passenger, traveller tourist, learner learner / abecedarian, lover lover, worker worker, researcher researcher, printer printer, gardener horticultural labour, owner host, wrestler blunder person wait.

2, add " - Or " can express " person " , denotive character social class is higher below circumstance of majority of this kind of word, or look from the history taller.

Exemple: Dr. Doctor or doctor, tutor(university) tutor / assistant / guardian, director Director, compositor composing division, collector collector, instructor teacher / preceptorial.

3, add " - Ist " / " - An " can express " person " , this kind of word shows the person with successful or relatively special career below most circumstance.

Exemple: Artist artist, scientist scientist, physicist physicist, journalist journalist, dentist dentist, instrumentalist musical instrument performs the home / musical instrument home, home Meteorologist aerography, historian historian, technician technician, technician, the person that Vegetarian eats vegetable, also have individual exception, resemble the person with cyclist Cyclist, motorcyclist motorcyclist.

   2, will look from sexual distinction:

Add normally " - Er / -or " it is more " the male " , add " - Ess " it is a female more

Waiter air hostess of male entertainment Waitress, steward(ship, the plane) steward, ship of Stewardess (of a secretary in charge of sth, the plane) air hostess, actress of Actor actor Actress, instructor schoolmaster, preceptress of male directive Instructress, female guidance, female lawyer of Lawyer lawyer Lawyeress

 3, will look from active, passivity:

Add " - Er - Or " for active, add " - Ee " for passivity

Person of Examiner be in charge of an examination, invigilate member Examinee to take an examination person, suffer try a person (by invigilate person) , employer employer () of service other people, employee employee (by employ) , interviewer interviewer Interviewee. Interviewee, interviewee
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