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Each country hotspot - theory " castigatory education "
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The bad behavior of patient child, the bad behavior that is the child even searchs such as " he became tired " , " he does not have siesta " , " his mood is bad " the excuse of and so on, it is parents to the child " irresponsible " expression. Appropriate punishment is the expression of love, also be the significant step of normative child behavior. Penalty is not fart of dozen of child small wind a few far so simple thing, penalty is an art.

Cold treatment, let the child learn consequence

Son of New Zealand Bernny 2 years old half, the daughter is half years old

In New Zealand, hitting the child is a kind of illegal behavior, accordingly, parents is general won't physical punishment child. If the son is in public roister, want not to affect others only, bernny can adopt the means of cold treatment treat the child commonly, be troubled by along with him for instance. If affect others, bernny can adopt the child, put him in to compare open and quiet place, let him continue to be troubled by, be troubled by till him enough. Bernny thinks, the child is troubled by is to attract parental attention to perhaps achieve his certain goal through this kind of means.

If the child sees him roister without the effect, he can choose naturally to abandon.

Have paragraph of time, the fish that the old always likes to go to a garden throws cobble in the pool, and refuse to mend one's ways despite of repeated admonition. Bernny can say to the son: "You look, you break small fish painful, cistern littery. Is cistern pie-eyed? " next son of Bernny meeting requirement gathers the stone in cistern come out. When having, the son also may be met act shamelessly, do not agree to gather stone. If son act shamelessly, bernny won't force him to go commonly, he himself can go down to gather stone come out to look to the son. If as it happens is touched,go up the son is troubled by should play with father, bernny can borrow opportunity is right son applying education: "You look, you throw stone into cistern, I should gather stone now, accompany you to play without time. " at that time, the son can experience he is undesirable the consequence of behavior. Then, he will be clear, he cannot throw stone into cistern really.

Bernny thinks, the child is not us to envisage so not sensible, he just controls ability all but just, accordingly, bernny view parents looks the child when the grow upping, from rise to teach him to learn to assume responsibility when the child is small, learning to restrain oneself.

Penalty has degree

Canadian Paul son 2 years old half

Canada also is a nation that does not urge physical punishment child. Have the parent constantly before the because of physical punishment child thing that is taken away by the police happens. Newest nevertheless Canada law sets pair of 2-12 year old the child can have physical punishment moderately. The degree of physical punishment child can be weighed but light, the problem is this is spent master very hard. If the child is not sensible, report to the teacher in nursery school if parents is beaten and scold, concerned branch can intervene immediately. The clue is serious, parents can be lost even raise advantageous position. A friend of Paul ever had experienced such thing, although Jing is not had finally danger, but there had been case background in police station after all.
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