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Charming of rich and generous ≠ bestows favor on social material the child
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The impression that the Englishman gives the world with France writer scholar is strapped - Fan Erna's novel " 80 days of annulus swim the earth " medium hero Feiliya - blessing pattern is same, it is the British gent of a scrupulous, strict toe the mark.

All the time since, we think British education also is follow rules certainly. Actually contemporary Englishman pays attention to education child to be mixed bravely very much long-suffering disposition, they know very well courage is a person the motivation of active enterprising. The child that British parents often is bringing him goes expeditionary, arrive deep in nature, live in dangerous environment, the purpose is very clear, it is to exercise the child's volition and brave spirit, make the preparation of respect of good person case for the life henceforth.

British parent thinks to be bestowed favor on to the child's charming very harmful to the child, the education of independent to the child consciousness is paid attention to particularly in domestic education so. the parent can let go when the child is very small all sorts of things in letting the child try to make the living, if oneself have a meal, oneself wear the strip pants, issue that oneself arrange a room to wait to serve for ego.

Of illicit home car of England having an amount is very tall, a lot of families have his car, can very receive conveniently send the child to learn up and down. But, british parents can drive rarely receive send the child, they are to let him child carrying satchel on the back pedestrian or take school bus to go to the school.

The Englishman encounters old person, disabled and pregnant woman to be met on the bus active offer one's seat to sb, but, they won't give the child offer one's seat to sb alone only, the Englishman thinks need exercises the child, should encourage child independence.


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