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French psychologist encourages him children to play
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Child of 9 years old can try oneself wear the dress, move back and forth toy, and many parents can help their movement that finish enthusiasticly. To this, children psychology expert suggests, might as well let children oneself complete the issue that they consider to do.

Mulberry of · of A Nie silk asks the expert of French children psychology that attending psychometry seminar in Chile - Feideer points out, give the child sufficient time, let themselves amuse oneself, such ability develop own capability of the child.

Mulberry hold in the palm - Feideer says, observe the process of child play can discover carefully, even if a year old of much child also has coherent thinking and logic, relatively complex reflection, imagination is included to study even in their logic, of this pair of children it is very important to grow, because this parents should give the child as a child,provide the space that oneself start work and time.

Regretful is, parents often is met ground of assume sth as a matter of course replaces the child " do advocate " . For instance, when the child long the hand to oneself or a certain thing " become stunned " when, parents thinks the child should change attention target, do some of other business, actually the child often needs time to discover and probe the thing all round.

Mulberry hold in the palm - Feideer says, parents is overmuch " directive " can let the child lose own judgement ability gradually, produce very strong dependence to others. She suggests, it is when the child is very small, parents should let him be in safe environment him amuse oneself. The child when a few months are big, can give him a soft cushion; A bit more largish when, can give him size of a 2 square metre close space, the rug on the shop makes the child creeping. Additional, in him child when amuse oneself, need not give him too much toy, 45 enough, but should notice to change constantly toy, lest the child feels cheesed.

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