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Make the 4 big a magic weapon of darling future
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· earths up Fulanxisi the root is early already pointed out before 450 years: "Read history make a person wise, read a poem to make a person intelligent, figure makes a person nice, philosophic theory makes a person deep, morality makes a person exalted, logic is rhetorical make person fluency. " watchmaker Yi Sa Ke, the son Russell that works to teach at the same time 3 years old at the same time on workbench overcomes from Pu Lu tower " hero of ancient Greek Rome is passed " in knew a word. Next, in him superintend and director guides below, le Su ell had gnawed Lu Suozai is 7 years old ago " church and Caesarean history " , of that Buddhist nun " Venetian history " , Ovidian " be out of shape write down " , abundant of Denaier " speech of world general history " , " , and Mo Li sad Thespian. Well-read make Lu Suohuo was gotten read ability and savvy, from a child bursts forth Cai Hui, imagination and comprehension, aroused mission feeling, honorary feeling and sense of responsibility, make he becomes a great illuminative ideologist, writer finally.

Disentomb endowment

A kind of endowment is a person inborn all has self-taught inherent quality. The person's endowment is in mother embryo embryonic form is provided first. Endowment is the chief quality that builds talent character, the person's endowment cannot be brought up, can disentomb however. Courier madam has two daughters: Courier of Yi thunder graceful · and Courier of moxa Fu · , she is to the family education idea of two daughters -- and some kind of endowment that digs them is given priority to. It is early when daughter babble, courier madam begins to be opposite she two undertook those who explore a gender disentomb. The daughter just went up elementary school, courier madam lets her two have intellectual activity one hour in the home after school everyday, so that disentomb further its endowment. After in entering Saiweiniai when them, learning, courier madam lets a daughter fill again everyday " special education tax " . In Suoerben's lab, by Rang Pei Han is Yileina and moxa Fu Jiaohua to learn, paul · bright teach maths, madam of sanded made of baked clay accept teachs literature and history, magelu teachs the sculptor sculpture and brushwork, professor Mu Le teachs 4 foreign languages and science, and it is afternoon every Thursday in school of chemistry of Parisian city manage, teach a daughter physics by Courier madam. Through 2 years " special education tax " after observation is differentiated, she discovers: Graceful disposition of thunder of big daughter Yi is composed, guileless, dedicated with nature, mix at physics infatuatedly chemical, the mission that she makes clear herself is to want to become a scientist and study radium, these are the quality that scientist place has. Leap of heart of young daughter Ai Fu, be full of dream, mood changeful, courier madam fosters her to learn cure first, guide her to study radium again, incentive she is engaged in science, but she is right scientific disinclination. Ai Fu's endowment is literary. Apply this kind to disentomb just about the family education of child endowment, courier madam makes thunder of big daughter Yi finally graceful · Courier because " the synthesis of new radioelement " had the honor to win Nobel chemistry prize 1993, also make Courier of moxa Fu · makes young daughter an outstanding musical educationist and character biography writer.
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