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Each country nursery school wraps up bag to look
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American nursery school

To develop the independent spirit of darling and exploration drive, produce imagination and creativity, worker of American children education decorates nursery school different mobile area, for instance: Computer division, books area, clay sculpture area, plant area, animal area, building blocks area, area playing sand, dabble area, cook area, let him darling choose mobile area, oneself are taken, put toy and goods, after the activity ends, oneself clear away a place.

Feel to environmental accredit to foster darling, they wait for toy, article classification to put, indication clarity, darling because search,won't be less than a thing and feel unfamiliar, spellbound or disturbed.

Get along to make darling society friendly, preparative toy, article is very abundant, the baby that has need can get, need not contend for grab. In the meantime, different area makes every darling can be together freely with a few associate activity, communication, increase they and the experience that the person interacts. If conflict produces between darling, the teacher guides them to speak his think of a way each other, let them learn to communicate.

Feel to let darling oneself are taken seriously, all sorts of homeworks that they do baby: Drawing, paper-cut, stick in darling to make the same score inspect the place that can see.

The educational target of American nursery school

1, have curiosity, imagination and creativity, develop oneself latent capacity, get developing in every respect.

2, can discover a problem, solve a problem, have independent spirit and exploration mind.

3, can right adult all sorts of requirements make response, have trustful feeling, sense of responsibility, proper pride.

4, the need that can express oneself, society and person are shared and cooperate, friendly ground and companion interact.

5, the harmonious sex of movement of eye of the accuracy that enhances limbs action ceaselessly, hand.

6, abound knowledge, experience through game, undertake summary, classification to intellectual experience.

7, through developing artistic technical ability and cognitive mastery of a skill or technique, develop their sociality and feeling.

8, education study technical ability, if read, write, calculate, but do not force them to learn, make they can undertake study according to their acceptance.

British nursery school

On the classroom of British nursery school, the teacher imparts with the method of lecture rarely knowledge, mix with the group however coach individually give priority to, darling can choose to make snack freely, play computer, picture learning a picture to perhaps play all sorts of game, the operation that carries oneself and exploration gain knowledge, develop mastery of a skill or technique.

All teaching methods reflected children adequately " main body sex " idea, accord with the psychological characteristic of darling. For instance, when reading storybook, let darling dress up a part to deduce feeling of character of clue of story, understanding, experience; Explaining " float " and " heavy " meaning when, let darling be put in birdbath plastic piece, iron piece, the scrip has observation; With amusement software, let darling know appearance, amount through game on computer, study play chess, go labyrinthian to wait... the curiosity that satisfied darling adequately, let them experience the fun of exploration.
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