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German parents respects the love of dot
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Mention with a few friends a few days ago, of Chinese tradition " of the men and women prevent greatly " , to the child's spirit, it is a kind of twist really. Arrived originally adolescence, meeting naturally realizes the child sexual distinction, a little secret to the opposite sex touch is normal. But, the education of Chinese tradition regards the gender as however Babylon, think such nature that can hold off youth nature develop. Little imagine the unwisdom that this is dreariness, the result was to cause a lot of spirit deformation; Children are more crackpot, get an a lot of annihilative tragedy.

Be in 559 time, a lot of getting on the girl of high school is mixed to adolescence secondary sex characteristic, still have a kind of scared feeling. Bundle the bosom is, with the enlarge bosom of popular today move, it is abundant breast everywhere implement advertisement, contrast. This thing looks seem very distant, actually otherwise. My madam has told me, she is 18 years old when, still have scared feeling to the male. Once, she sits to chair of a piece of wood, feel that chair face has bit of warm feeling. A male teacher just has taken she thinks this. Abrupt, she felt horror, concern is pregnant at this point, that should be how but be ashamed. This thing happens in provincial capital city unexpectedly, really mysterious. It is extremely individual that I think originally, did not think of to be mentioned with a friend, he says, "What do this have curious, my madam also is frightened confoundedly because of such thing. My madam also is frightened confoundedly because of such thing..

Traditional sexual distinction is scared, I thought to become the past already originally. Cannot think of, a few years before, be in Germany, in the be a guest in home of friend of a student studying abroad. The girl of their home is wading indoors ice skate, be troubled by want transfer to another school. This ability girl of 9 years old, read in elementary school of a Germany. Of the girl of skin of the first wampee, black hair appear, not minor sensation was caused on the class. Be less than a semester, unexpectedly boy of a Germany alleges he fell in love with her.

This is common thing in German school, western little girl will be complacent because of this, but this China girl is very indignant however. She always escapes him very detestably.

And that Germany boy criterion calm ground looks for all opportunities to express to her close.

A day, this China girl fell ill, asked for leave to did not go to school. German little boy cries greatly on the class unexpectedly, saying is to do not have this China girl, he cannot continue to attend class; He should come home.

The teacher did not criticize him already, also did not hold back him.

Arrived in the home, he is crying to say to the mother, he wants and girl of a China marries.

Produced so funny thing, be in China, the parent is brought think be ashamed, also should cause deep anxiety.
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