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Love child pays close attention to its moral character more surpass achievement
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The middle and primary school of American great majority, every school year leaves parents and teacher meeting technically one day. This day of student need not attend class, the parents of each students on teacher and class is alone interview, interview time is 30 minutes about. Among them, with the daughter the classmaster of 5 grade power interview of the madam makes me impressive.

power the madam turns the topic after praising a daughter greatly one time, say: "To overcoming Li Si Di (English name of the daughter) so outstanding student, if one day her achievement reports to not be so beautiful on sheet,my only concern is, had even a few B, how she can handle this issue? " I and gentleman are right looked, have the look of some of dreamboat that is slept lightly by one language very much. Then, she told the story that herself experiences personally to us: Her daughter once was a very outstanding student, door door homework takes A. But went up after high school, mix harder and harder as a result of the homework reason of a few other, there also are a few B on report. The girl cannot bear the fact that oneself are best show no longer on study, try every means seeks the side that can make his the most outstanding.

Finally, she was found eventually -- that is on a diet namely. Its can be imagined of course as a result. Girl within an inch of desertioned even the life. Discover early fortunately, medication add psychotherapy, ground of innumerable trials and hardships gives her at long last save came over. power the madam says: "I tell you this story, it is to hope it does not repeat. My resembling loves the child that you love like your child. My biggest hope is her can health of body and mind grows. This is the greatest cherished desire of a pedagogue. " the plan that she gave us to explain her, say to be in what before implementing this plan, need to get us to allow: Friendly  of Mian of overstep one's authority of channel of dead Qiong of  of Sun of favour of  urgent another name for Jiangxi Province holds ド of ǖ of some fir of  of alliance of  of caries of dispatch of Tu Ji Bo high to show distant admonish Xing Huanjiao 鯞. She should watch her reaction. She thinks to foster the child to bear the ability of the setback and the self-confident heart that build the child are same important. Teacher such with one one's heart is responsible, make us touch really, also make us wake up to reality. Tell the truth, we never realize this is a problem, more never mention it those who realise it is serious, the good achievement light up with pleasure that often is a daughter however.

power the madam has a paragraph of word to let us be touched. She says: "Want to let the child know constantly, we love them, everybody likes them, it is the moral character because of them, how doesn't the report with them have any relations. " before long does ground of our be blinded by lust for money give this life reason that straight Bai Jian shows was forgotten?
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