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The foreign children that worth while study teachs example
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Foster sense of responsibility as a child

Educational example: 1920, the American boy that has 11 years old is kicked not carefully when play football broke the glass of neighbour home, family claim for compensation 12.5 dollars. After the boy that entered catastrophe acknowledges a mistake to father, father makes him responsible to his error. He says embarrassedly: "I do not have money compensate other people. " father says: "I borrow you first, return after a year me. " from now on, this boy whenever on the weekend, the holiday goes out arduous work, through the effort of half an year, he is earned eventually sufficient 12.5 dollars returned father. This boy becomes the Reagan of American president later namely. He says when recalling this work: "The work that carries oneself will shoulder blame, make what I knew to call liability. Make what I knew to call liability..

Comment on: Parents should teach the child to be in charge of to his behavior as a child, do not assume everything for the child, the sense of responsibility that meets desalt child otherwise, go against the child grow.

Effect of appropriate application expectation

Educational example: When edison is small once was regarded as by his classmaster teacher most " stupid " student. But his mother thinks however, the teacher scolds a student face to face " stupid " , just says the inability that understands him teacher. She receives edison come home, have education according to the psychological characteristic of children, and leave no stone unturned encourages edison to do various tests more. Edison can make world-famous big inventor later, the education with the mother and appropriate applied expectation effect are not divided.

Comment on: Parental expectation ought to suit with actual condition photograph of children, and want the psychological characteristic of combinative child have education. Parental expectation is a cannot ignore main factor in domestic education.

Take the sensitive area of the grow into useful timber

Educational example: When maxwell of the mathematician with 19 famous centuries, physicist is very small, once father calls him paint from life of picture still life, the object is the vase that inserts Man Qiuluo. In the wording and purpose of what one writes of maxwell, the vase is echelon, chrysanthemum became greatly small circle, leaf expresses with a few strange triangles. Attentive father discovers small maxwell logarithm learns instantly particularly sensitive, begin to teach him geometry and algebra, develop his mathematical ability.

Comment on: The child with normal growth will be right when 56 years old some respect is shown extremely special sensitive with strong curiosity. Parents wants to take the child in time " sensitive area " , take advantage of an opportunity gives guide, the grow into useful timber that is the child opens a channel.

Develop the ability that the child lives independently
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