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The family of the developed country is taught
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Be in the United States, domestic education is full of the pioneering spirit, factitious jumping-off place that can make an earn one's own living in order to rear the child. Parents lets them recognize the value of labor in one's childhood from the child, let the child already started work oneself repair, assemble autocycle, to work attends outside.

Even if rich home children also should seek means of livilihood oneself. American high school student has a catchword: "Him money wanting a flower is earned! " farmer family wants the child to partake building of the mow in the home, stucco, simple carpentry is repaired wait for handicraft work. In addition, go out even when miscellaneous labour, sell physical power, if summer replaces a person to push mower, side person shovels snow in the winter, the autumn helps a person sweep deciduous leaf to wait.

In Switzerland, parents makes incompetent people of a certain kind to do not let the child, develop the drive of child support oneself by one's own labor with respect to exert oneself as a child. For example, girl of 967 years old, the slavey that graduates to go to a cultured family becoming one year or so from junior high school, work in the morning, go to school afternoon. Such doing, can exercise labor ability on one hand, seek the way that fends independently; Still be helpful for learning a language on the other hand. Because Switzerland has the area that says German, also have the area that says French, the servant of person family belongs that so the girl of area of a language reachs another language area normally. Among them also person of quite a few learns English to England even, method is the edge learns a language when servant edge likewise. After mastering 3 languages, go to agency, bank or the shop assumes office. Long-term support parents passes the person that parasitism lives, be considered as to do not have prospect or disgraceful.

Be in Japan, it is when the child is very small, engraft to them a kind of thought: "Do not give others incommode. " notice those who rear the child to provide for oneself in daily life ability and self-improvement spirit. Family person goes out journey, no matter how small child, want to carry a satchel on the back without an other place. Should ask why? Parents says: "This is the thing of themselves, should oneself will carry on the back. " after going to school, a lot of students should be in after school time, labor attends to earn money outside. Of the part-work and part-study system in the undergraduate very general, the children that joins rich other people is not exceptional also. They rely on in restaurant to carry tray, wash a bowl, in shop sell goods, patronize an old person, do the tutor tuition that earns oneself.

In former Germany, him business that develops him child as a child is done, the parent never monopolizes replace. Law returns a regulation, the child is about to assume a few obligation in the home to 14 years old, want to wait for family person shoeshine for instance. Such doing, it is to develop labor ability of the child not only, the social obligation that also is helpful for rearing the child feels.
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