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Next year of 500 thousand student is avoided learn incidental expenses whole tow
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Learned from Guangzhou city Bureau of Finance on December 11, 2007, urban obligation teachs level student to learned incidental expenses and textbook cost to had included concerned the order of the day. Among them, learn incidental expenses to had included next year finance the budget. Preliminary predict, will have 500 thousand students indebted.

City Bureau of Finance expresses about chief, "According to the news that State Consul Chen Zhili will announce to media this year in November, decision of the State Council absolves urban obligation to teach level student to learn incidental expenses since semester of next year spring, we had a budget to carrying out this policy place to need funds, already included next year finance the budget. "

According to preliminary forecast, guangzhou various finance will increase defray every year to make an appointment with 300 million yuan for this, involve student person to count 500 thousand person. City Bureau of Finance expresses, wait for country, province next formal deploy is relevant after policy, can start carry out those who implement policy to make and report the job.

Complete province taught strong area Guangzhou to occupy 10

(Sui Renxuan of reporter of star of reporter Liu dawn) yesterday, delegate of National People's Congress of Guangzhou city share founds educational strong city and educational informatization to develop a case in the light of Guangzhou city, to Guangzhou city first " educational E times " the 4th middle school of city of Guangzhou of applied experiment school and Guangzhou city teach a center remotely to inspect. The reporter understands, guangzhou city added 5 newly to found national level to show plasticity again the school of average high school, make found demonstrative sex the school of average high school achieves 30.

According to Guangzhou city Hua Tongxu of secretary of educational bureau Party committee, director introduces, current, bay of more beautiful, sea bead, Li, the Milky way, Bai Yun, Huang Bu, time Yu, flower, 10 areas such as trailing plants hillock, Na Sha already became a province to teach strong area, what occupy scale to amount to 83.3% ; From change, add a city city of 2 counties class already passed a province smoothly to teach strong district superintend and director to guide at the beginning of this year December check and accept group check and accept, after waiting for a province to examine and approve, the educational strong division of Guangzhou city (prefectural class city) what occupy scale to will be achieved 100% .

Origin: Guangzhou daily

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