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Shanghai spring the university entrance exam enters oneself for an examination b
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Shanghai is common 2008 entrance exam of enter a school of spring of colleges and universities on December 15, the dot is taken an examination of 21 times 16 days to leave in whole town one's deceased father. Reporter from Shanghai relevant section understood a few days ago, the examinee this year is 6177 people, reduced 2302 people than 2007, acute is decreased nearly 30% , it is only entered oneself for an examination 2006 the half of the number.

Enter oneself for an examination number year after year drops, the enthusiasm of college recruit students also is becoming cold. 2006, shanghai attends the average college of spring recruit students to be 12, fell 2007 reach 9, there are 8 only 2008. Recruit students plan also falls from the 2725 people 2006 reach 1568 of nowadays.

It is reported, spring the university entrance exam from 2000 pilot since, early or late 4 province, city, municipalities of Beijing, Shanghai, Anhui, Inner Mongolia attend, other 3 ground already cancelled in succession. The expert thinks, the reason that spring the university entrance exam encounters cold current is key school " absent " , spring check recruit students school finite, brought about examinee not to wish to enter oneself for an examination or take an examination of finish not to wish to go up. Expert proposal, spring take an examination of should patulous its connotation, elect renown officer actor, high post own recruit students also bring into among them, make a kind of way of talent of much channel choose truly.

To Shanghai spring one's deceased father henceforth go situation how? The expert thinks, although Shanghai is the last,hold to spring the city that take an examination of, but should not cancel easily, because the society just is opposite each spring take an examination of approbate spending still is very tall. Spring the university entrance exam increased the chance of exam and enter a school for examinee, be helpful for alleviating pressure of the university entrance exam, build comfortable educational environment, executive quality education and natural resources of average college education learn in also be helpful for optimize configuration
Origin: People's Daily

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