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The person that the investigation on the net shows 42.5 % is held with cancel u
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Of 71.3 % suffer the person that visit to think the undergraduate students is right project ignored, the person of 42.5 % is held with cancel undergraduate course project.

Duplicate, stickup, cutout a few words, change the name, my project was finished.

"At present applies for a job essential, write what paper! Look for a good job happiness all one's life, project is written so that also cannot eat when the meal very much again, can pass have to! " Beijing some college is big the Xiaofeng of 4 says to the author: "Bit of data seeks on the net, medley went. Everybody is so dry, say the teacher also can make allowances for us again! Say the teacher also can make allowances for us again!!

Several days ago, the institute that Xiaofeng is in begins to undertake undergraduate students paper opens a problem to work, writing of annual undergraduate course project was pulled open prelusive, in the meantime, annual the end of the year also is the gold period that graduate applies for a job.

In March 2004, the problem of compose of our newspaper reporter is " water of mix into of undergraduate course project is serious whether cancel " the article was caused discuss what instruct a group high greatly. Increase as year after year of obtain employment pressure, this year, this topic makes attention central point again.

Last week, center of investigation of society of Chinese youth newspaper and combination of channel of Sohu net education launched an investigation, in 2243 participator, the person of 71.3 % thinks undergraduate course graduate is right project ignored, the person of 42.5 % thinks undergraduate course project should cancel.

"Duplicate, stickup, cutout a few words, change the name, my project was finished. " a has graduated classmate calm in interviewing bear: "Plainspoken I also want to complete project well, can be to do not have time to also do not have this mood really! " the institute that Xiaofeng is in, the fellow student that finds the job at present is very few, most classmate is in everyday rush about for the rice bowl in the future.

Investigation shows, a lot of problems exist really in the writing of undergraduate course project, for example: Borrowed the phenomenon is serious (31.8 % ) , paper writing lacks innovation (25.1 % ) , writing strength is fragile (19.8 % ) , too big or selection of subject is too wide, the undergraduate students cannot control at all (18.1 % ) do not accord with a standard with paper pattern (5. 1 % ) .

"With its be there just to make up the number, scrape together, as flat cancel undergraduate course project. " China in the viewpoint that the Normal University besmears colourful state religion awards such expression to cross him, its reason is: "Undergraduate course project is not indispensable. Be in the United States, not only the undergraduate students does not write thesis, give birth to even the Master to need not write thesis. Higher education increasingly in a popular style, cancelling undergraduate course project may be hasten of general trends place. "
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