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Country of the undergraduate since Guangdong next year from teach 5 years but "
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Report from our correspondent (Lai Gongying of Guo Gaoping of reporter Fang Yimin's trainee's reporter) if 2008 colleges this year's graduates chooses to teach to the country, everybody can obtain 6000 yuan every year. Yesterday, " graduate of Guangdong province college reachs a village from teach mount guard to retreat cost to implement measure (try out) " (next weighing " method " ) come on stage formally. " method " the regulation rises from 2008, graduate of college of province inside and outside visits a rural area to Guangdong from religion will enjoy mount guard to cancel cost policy, graduate teachs one year to obtain withdraw a year of charge, everybody is annual 6000 yuan, service fixed number of year is 5 years.

  Bead 7 city do not belong to trigonometry " country "

As we have learned, the applicable range of this policy is wider, apply to normal school to teach kind of graduate not only, still apply to pass cognizance teacher qualification and be learned by the country the blame normal school of corrective type employ teachs kind of graduate. The college graduate that accords with a condition serves fixed number of year to be 5 years from what teach in rural school, everybody is annual attainable mount guard removes fee 6000 yuan. What need funds to unite arrangement by province finance. What need funds to unite arrangement by province finance. Already enjoyed a country to help the student that learns loan policy during college study, the cost that will need to be returned with above remands the country is aided learn loan principal and interest.

Applicable college graduate goes to a country to include from the district limits that teachs mount guard to cancel cost policy and school type: Except door of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Fosan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, river 7 city (do not contain grace is equal) the villages and towns beyond (do not contain a county to be in a town) reach villages and towns school of the following middle and primary school (next weighing " rural school " ) . Its say long Luo Wei of hall of office of Guangdong province education, mount guard removes fee policy is understandable for " get on an university not to want money " , be equivalent to giving an undergraduate " every month increased 500 yuan of income " , have profit very much to increasing undergraduate obtain employment.

   The country lacks 10 thousand teacher every year

Its introduce long Luo Wei of hall of office of Guangdong province education, mount guard cancels cost policy is combinative Guangdong the new move of mechanism of complement of teacher of country of actual, innovation, 6000 yuan of standards are a basis this (only) the division is unripe tuition of a year and accommodation cost addition reach. Current, rural teachers problem has become the main factor that restricts Guangdong to save a country to teach a career to develop. As we have learned, phase of education of complete province foundation needs compensatory teacher every year about 30 thousand person, bead trigonometry area occupies 1/3 probably, the others 2/3 should complement to owe develop area. Area of village of its middle peasant needs 10 thousand person about.
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