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Blueness signs up for in: Qian Gou Ц seeks Shen to black Huang Qiao of curtain
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The university should assume responsibility really. But it is clear that we are engaged in the person of higher education needing to be done above all, we assume responsibility for what. People asks we report the statistic of enter a school of graduation rate, graduate school figures the score that word, standard takes an exam, the purpose is to rise in university evaluation " additional cost " , people should look research funds how to many have, how much is the amount that the teacher is published and publishs book. But the success that these rigid point to specimen body and cannot show place to obtain, should not carry university institute to yearn for desirous goal more. Although understand afore-mentioned index very important, they also can show a few special content in our career, but our purpose wants far more baronial than these much. Accordingly, want to explain our sense of responsibility, more difficult also.

So, let my make bold put forward a definition to come. The spirit of an university is in, it is it wants particularly right the history and future are responsible -- and not complete or even if be main,be opposite responsible now. The university concerns knowledge, affect knowledge of all one's life, the knowledge of traditional inheritance chiliad, create prospective knowledge. An university, want to look round already, also want to look ahead, the method that its see must -- also should -- care with masses instantly place or be a requirement is opposite stand. The university is to want to give commitment to eternity.

-- bring from heart of president of the university that breath out Buddha Lew Forster inaugural Guo Yingjian interpret

The president this an ancient folding chair

Before two many months, on October 12, the United States breaths out Buddha university to hold ceremony, just spend oneself 60 years old the female historian heart of birthday Lew Forster (Drew Faust) take office as the president formally. 220 delegates that come from American home and university of world each district attended inaugural ceremony, also include the delegate of the school such as university of Chinese Beijing University, Tsinghua, Zhejiang university and Hong Kong university among them.

History teachs Germany Ni Weierba (Sidney Verba) say when on behalf of Ha Fo the teacher makes a speech: "I never had seen teachers are such solidarity, they will welcome new president. " come round to congratulate still Ni Yada of Bin Xi law learns headmistress Gu Teman of moxa beauty · (Amy Gutmann) , forster is in before haing Buddha, ever worked for a long time greatly in guest. Of Gu Teman piece draw a laughter, she says: "We now is the witness person that the history changes. Come 371 years, ha Fo chose a southern and a woman for the first time. " historian of the United States that be not descendants John Fulankelin (John Hope Franklin) say in the speech, he believes Forster's leadership, but he complements again, he is expecting she returns a historian one day.
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