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Jiangsu 2008 recommend unripe policy is announced can choose fill in a form and
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Yesterday, courtyard of exam of Jiangsu province education gives out good about doing Jiangsu to save common 2008 colleges and universities to recruit recommend give birth to the announcement that reachs own choose to admit the job, give birth to the choose that reachs own recruit students to reach to recommending 2008 admit method to make a specification.

Recommend unripe classics is fair show rear can attend relevant check

According to the requirement, concerned middle school will recommend unripe person selected is in hurdle of this school announcement is official show one week later, begin at winter vacation forward send about the college " Jiangsu province is common 2008

Achieve the examinee that admits a standard to test and assessment, the college will come at uploading concerned data before April 20 Ministry of Education " sunshine the university entrance exam " platform, sign up for a province to teach exam courtyard. Net of courtyard of province education exam will plan to admit a middle school to recommend to the college unripe list undertakes centralized fair show. Classics Ministry of Education and courtyard of province education exam are fair show consentient, and school work level measures course grade to all reach C class and above order and degree surely (technical course must eligible) examinee, just can deal with admit formalities.

False to offerring identification or material of bear the palm are obtained recommend qualificatory student, once discovery is checked, cancel its in those days common colleges and universities is recruited recommend unripe admit a qualification to reach attend whole nation of recruit students of common colleges and universities to unite exam qualification, write down examinee the university entrance exam archives of sincere letter electron; Already was recommended to enter study of colleges and universities, want to cancel its one's status as a student.

Own recruit students is volunteer only can fill in a form and submit it to the leadership a college

The pilot college basis that executes own choose to admit the actual condition of this school, formulate is own choose admits plan, bring into constitution of this school recruit students to be announced to the society. Pilot college must organize expert group, according to the requirement that decide independently and announces to the society and assessment method, own to according with this school choose recommends a requirement and be recommended via be in middle school, expert or the examinee of offer one's services, undertake the relevant evaluation such as qualification test, interview and assessment, offer candidate, selected list defines after leading group examine and verify by pilot college recruit students again. Selected examinee reachs pilot college its are legal guardian beard and pilot college sign sincere letter exam to admit an agreement, bilateral beard executes this agreement strictly. The test that pilot college organizes, interview should be commonly during winter vacation hold, lest normal education order learns in interference and influence.
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