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Handsel of 300 million blessing aids financially poverty of ministry of Chinese
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Ministry of Education held a press conference to express yesterday, central finance will plan collective benefit fund of 300 million yuan of lottery, use at aiding financially high school of poverty of ministry of 300 thousand Chinese and Western to be born. This also is our country passes lottery fund first, undertake aiding financially to be born miserably.

   Spring Festival around extends

The China that is in charge of this aiding financially gold teachs director of Yo development foundation Introduction Zhang Baoqing, suffer the quota of people of 300 thousand person that aid financially, will according to each province municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, Xinjiang built corps to report for duty last year the overall condition that average college lays the prefectural country that education plans to manage, affirmatory roughly especially tired unripe number. Additional, the whole nation aids the scale that learns a management center to save difficulty to be born especially unripely, tiredly to every to have a statistic and calculate.

This aiding financially policy to fulfil is to consult to the difficulty that they reduce every decided province is born and strand unripe scale number to decide especially. This second each 1000 yuan aid financially gold will one-time extend. Spring Festival around suffers aid student aux will be able to to receive this stipend.

This is our country passes the formal arrangement of lottery collective benefit fund to aid first learn capital, will aid financially limits hopeful to expand to area of the eastpart part to visit town henceforth.

  Suffer aid financially a person to should be tasted learn to hold actor concurrently

Current, student of our country average high school makes an appointment with 2500 much people, among them center-west region 16.86 million person, of lottery collective benefit fund aid financially limits and object preliminary and affirmatory be pressed down for center-west region county and the country is common the student with do family of average high school particularly difficult, at the same time the requirement suffers aid financially a person to want to taste learn to hold actor concurrently.

Foundation of state religion Yo is in in student make clear in case application form put forward, the domestic situation of requirement student must want by seat country village appoint both sides of meeting, school tries to prove. The Ministry of finance teachs division article to manage vice director Sun Guangji expresses, the appropriate program of lottery collective benefit fund is: The Ministry of finance allocates funds Ministry of Education, return foundation by Ministry of Education, foundation sends the school, extend by the school student.

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