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Love tutor Fenwenbuqu squatting school volunteer teachers
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Yesterday, Nanchang University, "Love tutor" voluntary activities in the Lake District before the start of Nanchang University, part of the University of sub-chang poor students into the home to provide tutoring services. This reporter learned that the event registration total of 320 college students, 165 were eventually admitted to the city they will provide services to 97 needy students.


165 organizations and 97 students helping students

Reporter has learned that "love tutoring" activities organized by the Nanchang University, Nanchang, mainly for poor students of all communities, the obligation for a period of one and a half tutoring activities, the event held every year, so far have been held five times. Tutor during the Nanchang University work-study service center will be tracking. "Love tutor" after the end of the school attendance center volunteers will be selected and awarded a certificate of excellence.

At yesterday's launch ceremony, the 165 selection through layers of sub-chang University stand out and eventually become a 97 obligation to tutor students in poverty. Aided secondary school students mainly in Yuzhang, Nanchang four in Tuas homes in 11 local communities, student volunteers and helping poor students to form pairs long, with "two on one," "one to one" the form of weekly home visits for free counseling.


"Students from poor families to solve practical problems"

See so many enthusiastic students willing to help poor students, the community director Wan Qiu Yuling home plant had a good time laughing: "Although the home conditions of these children is not very good, but they have a knowledge motivated the heart, the arrival of student volunteers, help them solve real problems. I hope that 'love tutoring' a 'baton' passed on forever. "

According to reports, after-school learning conditions for children of poor families is limited, and lack of effective management and counseling, child academic performance once the fall, it is difficult to catch up. The arrival of student volunteers, to improve their academic performance has improved opportunities. "Education is not only the responsibility of the school, but also everyone in the community, especially the responsibility of students. Our activities not only to help poor students, it is necessary to strengthen the social responsibility of students, hone their will." Nanchang University work-study Center Director Xie Liwei told reporters.


"It is my duty to help them"

Yesterday, Chang has traveled to some poor college student son at home for them with school work. Two students in twenty-eight Liu students in the home, because the poor condition of the English Department Peng sophomore students for the students to sit on the edge of the bed counseling homework. "He's very good basis, that is, a sense of grammar and language is a bit weak, need to enhance learning." Peng student case comment own students.

And Chang Tai Yuan another volunteer students in the humble squat on a stool in the room for the students before the lecture. Child poverty, family situation so that students feel a bit heavy Yuan, but she felt the job was "sacred": "They are innocent eyes flashed before my eyes, which light reveals a thirst for knowledge, so I feel obliged to help them, care for them. "

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