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Provincial Education Supervision assessment of water education
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Inspectors from the provincial government, political experts, the Governor, the provincial supervision office director of the provincial government led by Li Rui Education Supervision October 31 came to the county water, the work of government supervision and evaluation of education. November 1, County Supervisors assess the water held in the county education briefing. The supervision and evaluation is a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the main water county government functions and responsibilities of functional departments to fulfill educational, financial investment and management, school conditions, teachers, team building, etc., the real collection of county government and functional departments, township, schools, county government decision to implement situation in order to make education work for the county to determine a more accurate, and promote comprehensive, coordinated and scientific development of education throughout the county. Municipal Committee, vice mayor Guo Qi pointed out that if the briefing, supervision and evaluation of this water is the county government to implement "the county through science and education" strategy, the implementation of the strategic position of education as a priority development objective and true and fair reflection. Assessment results will the city "through science and education city" strategy play a very important role. Guo Qi, if required, water should attach great importance to the supervision of the county assessment, to be realistic, objective and fair reflection of our work and does not allow false, otherwise the error will be left for our future development opportunities. He hopes to objectively and fairly assess the Group for the municipal government fully understand the city government to determine the true state of education to provide the basis functions. Supervision mission to assess the villages and towns on the scene by drawing lots, the county decided to water the new urban and rural areas, Guo Chuanxiang, yellow door Township, Red advancement, Baisha Township, Tumen Township to assess the 6 towns. Starting from November 2, the steering group to visit the mission will work in these rural schools.
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