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Family Education Week theme of Beijing 2010 successfully concluded
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25, the closing ceremony of the theme weeks, Department of Public Welfare and Family Education Centre in the Chinese children. To explore new forms of family education, family education and dissemination of scientific concepts, to further develop family education to promote ideological and moral construction of minors for the purpose of "growing together with their children" - 2010 Beijing came to an end weeks of family education topics. Zhao spent secretary of the National Women's Federation, China Women's Federation, Minister of Grace TANG Children, Women and Child Development Foundation, chairman of Beijing Zhai Hongxiang, party secretary of Beijing Municipal Women's Federation, Mr Zhao Jinfang, the capital of Civilization is the bureau level inspector Yinxue Long and Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Mission City , City Social Construction Office, Municipal Association of Social Sciences and other leaders attended the meeting organizers. Educators from the city's families, agencies, parents, children on behalf of a total of more than 500 people attended the closing ceremony. Theme Week Closing Ceremony of the 10 activities are reviewed, showing the colorful district family educational activities, review the "new core program" - Beijing family education work in the past year, public action. Fashion loving mother, a famous actress Yvonne Yung of Hong Kong, badminton singles world champion Gong Ruina, Beijing TV host Wang Fang, gymnastics world champion Yang Yun theme week "En Cup" story of my parenting essay contest prizes to the winners; famous actors cattle Li, Ma Jingtao, tennis Olympic champion Sun Tiantian, weightlifting world champion Qiu Hongxia and editor in chief of Xinhua News Agency, China Photo Center and PROCEEDINGS OF HUMAN Fuli Tao, vice president of Technology Group for the "Family Moment" photo contest winners for the award. Theme Week Closing Ceremony also to the excellent organizational units, units of family education, creative activities, the awards for 26 organizations dedicated family education love family education institution awarded a certificate awarded to the 13 experts of the Star of Love Family Education Certificate of the Year , awarded nine enthusiastic family education and the work of women and children, movie stars and world champion, a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF, the Beijing Women's honor. The closing ceremony, has also launched a search for loving mothers, orphans and disabled children donate sweaters for the constant theme of love action, started to build 60 sets of parent-child reading corner provides 30,000 children's books, to read the guidance, book clubs, parent-child story competitions way to help the majority of parents and children improve their reading interest, rich books targeting parents and children living a good start - both parents and children reading public welfare activities planned. It is reported that the theme of this event a total of three weeks of competition, a main forum, the three sub-forum, two children's programs, three major platform. Stories were collected into sterile sub-826, the winners will be invited to the Beijing art radio station, "Love sky full of stars" column about the scene, "the story of my parenting"; "Family Moment" works of 932, winning China's image in the Xinhua News Agency Center in the show. A total of 37 different work units participate, television stations, newspapers and magazines, websites, radio and other media in more than 20 weeks of activities, the theme of publicity. China Mobile Beijing Company School Paper 700,000 users through cell phone text message received information on family education activities, theme weeks, to achieve functional phone grab votes; School Paper and family education, special web site, real-time event information, via video, text, theme weeks panoramic display activities.
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