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Please note that ten successful tutoring
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The new trend of modern successful tutoring element 10 Element one: the importance of non intelligence Factors Whether the child in the activity have the proper motivation, interest, full of emotions, strong will and good character, that we call the non-intellectual factors. For the child's intellectual development, parents are concerned about, but for the child's non-intellectual factors, especially the cultivation of interest and self-confidence, it is easy to ignore. Second element: the creation of enriched environment Environment is a large book, the surrounding environment has an educational function, and 3-6 year old child is in the process of understanding the interaction with the environment around the world, the growth of knowledge, capacity development, the creation of interesting, have a stimulating environment, to encourage children to explore, to find new and interesting things. For example, parents can be affixed to the wall in their own large balcony designed White "Baby Creative Corner", offers a variety of painting materials, such as gouache paint, crayons, watercolor pen, glossy paper, scissors, etc., will encourage children to draw, imagine painting and so on. Element Three: Construction of "learning family" To create a "learning family", must ensure that the "three priority": to create a quiet learning environment for their children first, in the family to create a strong learning atmosphere priority to increase investment in education is preferred. Establishment of such a family, is conducive to the formation of a strong learning atmosphere, conducive to the child's learning and growing, with a "full and equal" features. Parents should take the lead in studying and reading, because this is a silent but very effective education. Four elements: to encourage sports Sport for children emphasizes the health, intelligence, creativity, emotional and social development of the meaning. Should be carried out in various ways to encourage children to various sports to improve their athletic ability. In addition, for the safety of the movement should not be taken to avoid a negative attitude. Empirical results show that in the sports movement to be encouraged not only the ability of children, and lower accident rates. Five elements: the child's entrepreneurial spirit Not take the initiative and enterprising spirit, it means a child for life not interested, not interested in life, not self interest, not interested in all the former Soviet Union educator Suhomlinski that "learning" is a mental labor, and is characterized by mental labor must be in "active status" in order to study well. If you do not take the initiative and enterprising spirit, the child can not learn good. Element Six: Training imagination and creativity Battle said: "In reality, a little creativity are not the children are non-existent." Imagination and creativity of children is no limit, the key lies in educating people how to treat those children imagination and creativity, and how to be guided correctly. As we all know if you have interest in order to have created, so parents can carefully observe the child's interest, training, guidance and support children's interests, let the children's interest in their favorite hands-on and more brains. Seven elements: pay attention to the art of parent-child communication Communication between parents and children should not be regarded as a theory of practice is not limited to verbal expression, but in daily life, wherever shown, in addition to the transmission of text in addition, it contains many ways including facial expressions, gestures, posture, tone, etc., to emphasize: good communication is more comprehensive and flexible use of a variety of ways. Eight elements: create good habits A world gathering of scientists won a Nobel Prize, reporters, ask them the same question, "in their growth process, the greatest impact on their own what." More than seventy scientists invariably the answer is in kindergarten, the teacher should be taught to sit straight, walk to have order, wash hands before eating, do not throw scraps of paper, not to bully other children good habits. Good habits are the cause of their achievements in life and later the foundation. Thus, a good habit for children's healthy growth and future, as has much significance. Japanese educator Yukichi Fukuzawa also profoundly pointed out: "The family is accustomed to the school, parents are accustomed to the teacher, the habit of schools in a way, regardless of family education, education is expected to achieve the effect, if futile, But the most stupid. " Nine elements: a unified front of family education As a parent, teaching children in the treatment of the issue, all members of the family to reach a consensus, must communicate, communication, mutual support, do not be shouting in front of children, the differences in exposure to children. Disagreement does not matter, the key is we have to face the right, to reach agreement, so as to create a good healthy growth of the child's home environment. Ten elements: respect for the trust, promote the development of the child's active Respect and trust, is the first principle of modern education. Respect the trust the child, which means better care for their good hearts, heart for heart, with the confidence to win trust. To protect the child's self-esteem, develop confidence, promote children's self-development.
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