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Experience of outstanding examinee study talks about the university entrance exa
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Tall the life is tight and the study of 3 is contented, fleeting. The route that oneself had taken reviews after the university entrance exam ends, discover this passes very significantly still actually.

Nervous and orderly study says natively to Gao Sanxue, what study lives nearly is all, it is Chongzhongzhi is weighed. And the process is reviewed in whole study in, of the teacher teaching the effort with the student is two crucial factors. Be in 31 years tall in, I make full use of Beijing 2 in the advantage of the powerful teachers power that mathematical class place has, the derive in the fertile soil in knowledge enough nutrition. This lets me feel very proud. On the class, of the experience that I listen to a teacher seriously talk, the understanding, principle that masters the university entrance exam to should try, skill and problem. In the home, I plunge into problem sea directly, have mainly practice. Encounter have the problem that won't become, concentration rises go consulting a teacher. Can say, in this year, there always is my figure in the office of each division teacher, my intellectual level and study ability also rise ceaselessly subsequently, achieved the requirement of the university entrance exam gradually.

Classmates have such feeling: Chang Lizhi is easy, li Changzhi is difficult, short time effort is easy, it is difficult to hold on for a long time. To solve this problem, I give birth to the best of its kind in each course to regard my " competitor as " almost, find out their advantage, learn to them, comparing study with them. Often I just ate a meal midday, " of adversary of " of at sight of sits down become a problem, I also begin hard immediately; See others does a new exercise in school work book, oneself also search to be done originally rapidly. Such looking very blind, but be in imperceptible in the study in the environment that I got used to to compete in high-pressured force, life, the advent that is the university entrance exam has made preparation.

There is a few result on study:

1, Gao Sanfu be used to should divide importance, it is somewhat do not be somewhat. To the task that the teacher assigns, the circumstance that best him basis masters, have accept or reject the ground goes doing, do not expend time on the knowledge that had mastered.

2, encounter won't the problem asks a teacher more, the teacher often can teach you relevant knowledge when solving specific problem.

3, the individual is reviewed in the home and had better not not go to school, because so successful case does not see more.

4, handle every time exam, practice seriously, must not make examination paper or the examination paper that copy others at will, in that way bad habit causes the error in the university entrance exam will be beyond recall.

5, review, attention should be focussed when feigned course of study, had better not hear music.

6, when doing a large number of experienced exercise in school work, must consult more textbook, especially maths, physics.
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