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Contend: "Book of Number One Scholar " rationality
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Be aimed at nowadays " book of Number One Scholar " phenomenon, hu Wen is in " southern Metropolis Daily " on write civil, conveyed right " book of Number One Scholar " likelihood the worry of misdirect student. This reminds very seasonable. But the author thinks again, if will " misdirect " duty be attributed to " Number One Scholar " with the businessman, be like the ill will of wrong flog. Perhaps change character, we emphasize and requirement businessman and " Number One Scholar " do not want misdirect student be the concubine to make excessive demands nearly, accomplish hard already, also not the crucial point of problem of hit the point.

Above all " book of Number One Scholar " can draw lessons from for the successor. Although " book of Number One Scholar " of the introduction is a case only, do not have certainly " common sense " and " direct import " , same study, read the characteristic that has individuation, but 10 thousand change not to leave among them, be in all sorts of " individuation " in, also the property with same under cover -- the university entrance exam. From " Number One Scholar " experience and experience (lesson) in summary, undertake discriminating, draw lessons from, absorb beneficial component, learn from others's strong points to offset one's weakness, be not fine long hair not to have benefit. Besides, summary of a kind of experience should be had " general " and " oriented " meaning " , be not trifling " book of Number One Scholar " place should bear the weight of. Does if not want " book of Number One Scholar " bear the weight of ought not to have originally " common sense " and " oriented meaning " exacting? Say an impertinent word, have in instantly " general " and " oriented " of the meaning, be afraid Marxism-Lininism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping is only academic... can you just carry this heavy responsibility?

Next, the university entrance exam " Number One Scholar " although be temporary " the person that precede " , perhaps do not have " adviser " qualification, but do not affect it seems that " book of Number One Scholar " publish? In fact, socially a lot of outstanding successful personages, in some sense, they also are the person that precede temporarily only, why can be they done " adviser " ? Besides, give a book " Number One Scholar " unlikelihood is become " adviser " the intent of this undeserved reputation, it is assume sth as a matter of course of people one's own wishful thinking stopped only probably. Additional, be like " book of Number One Scholar " the person that bring about follow the lead of is numerous, among the education that whether this shows pair of students from a flank, does just lack the education that broke pair of things to undertake argue fastens the quality with doubt? And, because,be like follow the lead of person numerous, be about will " book of Number One Scholar " if ban or be being restricted, so star of movie and TV also has follow the lead of of a lot of people, whether do we want Yu Mingxing of vent one's anger on sb who's not to blame?
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