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Pupil of key high school learns methodological convention
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In learning a process, master scientific study method, it is the fundamental requirement that raises study result. I part under from prepare lessons before class, attend class, exercise, review, 7 respects such as subject of exam, extracurricular study, test, talk to study groovy issue of the method. What ought to explain is, what what talk about here is the common law that reviews scientificly each, do not involve specific subject. About the study method of different course, teachers have from the back only civil discuss.

One, prepare lessons before class. Prepare lessons before class is to point to commonly it is before teacher lecture, oneself read new tax content independently first, accomplish preliminary understanding, had made the preparation that attend class. So, prepare lessons before class teachs oneself namely. Prepare lessons before class should accomplish following at 4 o'clock:

1, read teaching material, the basic content of preliminary understanding teaching material and train of thought.

2, the old knowledge that discovery and connection of new tax photograph are like when prepare lessons before class masters badly, consult and old knowledge of take lessons after school, to study new knowledge has laid firm foundation.

3, in reading protestant material process, want to notice to discover the place that oneself master hard and understands, so that be when attend a lecture special attention.

4, make note of good prepare lessons before class. The result of prepare lessons before class should be written down seriously go up in note of prepare lessons before class, prepare lessons before class takes notes to answer commonly the main content of account teaching material, oneself did not do the old knowledge that knows need to emphasize settlement problem, place to consult in attend a lecture to wait.

2, attend class. Classroom education is the basiccest link in education process, self-evident, attending class also should be classmates learn from good examples those who master capacity of knowledge, development is homework, conclusive one annulus. Attend class want to accomplish:

1, get ready before the class attend class needs textbook, jotter and other writing material, make the best of time brief memory and review attend section class learns content.

2, should take seek knowledge strongly be about to attend class, the hope can acquire new knowledge to the teacher on the class, resolve new issue.

3, energy attend a lecture should be centered when attending class, attend class the bell rings, answer to enter positive study state instantly, exclude all sorts of factors of dispersive attention conciously.

4, attend a lecture should look up, the eye is staring at the teacher's every act, wholeheartedly each word of listen respectfully teacher. Want to capture the teacher's train of thought closely, notice the teacher narrates the logic of the problem, how does the question raise, and analytic problem and the methodological measure that solve a problem.
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