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Education should be paid attention to guide a student to imagine go thinking
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A few days ago, 27 2 medium, English teachers of Beijing of ten 5 medium, schools such as schools of 24 medium, 22 finance and economics of medium, elementary school of 65 medium, 125 medium, clove, Beijing ended " the brigade that British education learns " . This is university of Mu of Ha Lai of · of heart of You Xiefei Er, London 31 institutes and Beijing education institute east an English teacher with city joint branch department grooms project.

Go to flower the teacher is experienced the deepest is British teacher and Chinese teacher prepare lessons of means different, british teacher is paid attention to how to teach flavour interestingly his course. When classroom education, british teacher is vivid, lively, interesting. Watch instead " English education of China " , a lot of still stay in " force-feed duck type " , " engraft type " , to should try education. China of British teacher hope travels together to be put from the solution in exam education, education queueing up, angst education, pay attention to gout education more, pay attention to how to tell the class meaningly.

In Xie Fei Er heart · breaths out Lai Mu university, the English teacher of Beijing the education tax of teacher of foreign country of 3 view and emulate, the object that attend class is foreign student entirely. Among them 3 times the object differs, have the introductory class with the most disappointing foundation, also have the intermediate class that has certain base. The education of every foreign teacher all has the distinguishing feature that differs severally, each class has specific " guide language " , have oneself " language problem " . The education of Mr. Nick gives everybody impression the deepest, he is used constantly " gesticulation " , let a student guess " Where Are You From? " . Foreign teacher often sticks the article on the wall, let a student seek an issue, seek the solution. The teacher is the part in appropriative director constantly, lead a student performance, vocal, taletelling, perform essay, perform playlet. And in these respects, our school and teacher are done very not quite still.

British teacher pays attention to the fancy that trains a student, creativity and ability of meet an emergency in education. Attend class to let them discuss to student time, in the teacher guidance falls, produce the fancy of every student and creativity adequately. Go up in classroom the teacher is preceptorial, recreation person, the organizer, person that control, directorial, person that supply equipment, the student is mobile participator, it is the teacher's friend. The frame of knowledge of teacher accord student, the result is not only. Guide a student to imagine, go thinking. The teaching method that England is the same as China is different, the student is very independent. Compare China to be in respect of attend a lecture, a lot of schools are make a gesture to give the impression of doing sth, measure is simple. The job that England should do in attend a lecture is very much, the target is very specific. Be in China, what the teacher cares is circumstance of exam achievement, rank, is not what the student acquired. Achievement of student worry exam reachs the place in the class, learn to should try all the day. (Zheng Wei)
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