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Temple 24 built an alliance of primary education 3 Development Community Educ
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Foshan Chancheng ninth street Temple Primary School, Tongji primary, a primary element and the area were the other 21 schools in "alliance", the formation of three educational development community. Goal is 3-5 years of exploration, sharing of resources in education, build a school culture, education, teaching aid and achieved results. Temple Street area a total of 27 primary schools, including three area schools, were the ninth primary city, Tongji primary schools, a primary element; there are three private schools. To play the leading role of schools, primary school level to enhance the area, Temple Street plans to build "Community Education" platform, which led to three area schools, their brothers, led seven other primary schools (3 primary school in the not to participate in .) Common body of excellent teacher education will achieve the exchange of shares, led the school to have two subjects per semester over the backbone of the teacher as the instructor teaching brothers, the school regularly to guide the operation of brothers, each of the disciplines an outstanding young teachers teachers in the school the corresponding discipline with his brother in pairs and carry out end right. Together a large body of educational activities in schools to realize the sharing of resources, leadership by sending teachers to observe each other, learn from each other and strive to improve the effectiveness of inter-school activities.
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