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Chemical and basic idea reachs his to learn
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Chemical concept is chemical to a kind thing is wraparound, it is reaction material the form of a kind of thinking of peculiar in chemical motion attribute. The person that it is mirrorred the collective character of a kind of thing. Be like " element " , belong to a of chemical course basic idea, the collective character that this concept reflected all elements -- a kind of particle that maintains corporeal chemistry.

With the concept of other subject, whole chemical idea is mixed by the connotation of the paradigmatic, concept of notional name, concept normally the 3 parts composition such as extension. (1) notional name -- a kind of symbol of concept of expression of in order to. Be like " element " this one " symbol " the name that is a concept; (2) of the concept paradigmatic -- those who point to is the congener thing that the concept indicates. The element that be like water (H2O) , oxygen element (O2) a etc is an element paradigmatic, be weighed for " exemple " (belong to " element " this kind) ; And hydrogen is atomic (H) , oxygen is atomic (O) wait not to belong to an element, be called " counterexample " . (3) notional connotation and extension. Connotation -- the collective and substaintial attribute that points to congener thing; Denotative -- the limits that shows place of this kinds of thing is involved. The relation between them is: The attribute of notional connotation is jumped over more more specific, criterion notional extension is smaller. With " element " the concept is exemple 3 person the relation between is:

The element is a kind of particle of the chemistry that carries material, the element that be like water (H2O) , oxygen element (O2) .

Add part of thick, underline to be notional name; Add thick part to be notional connotation, underline part is extension, tilting is molecular concept partly is paradigmatic.

Chemical concept is very much. In middle school chemistry in basic idea system, chemical concept is with corporeal composition knowledge gives priority to a line, corporeal composition, structure, property, change and a series of concepts related to this, by arrive general, simple individually complex. Cent of chemical and basic idea is the concept of concept of chemical knowledge respect and chemical skill respect. The concept of intellectual respect includes material to comprise (wait like compound alkyl, carboxylic acid) , structure (wait like element, atomic, chemical bond, isomer) , property (physical property and chemistry) , change (physical change, chemical change, ionic reaction, ; And chemical skill respect includes chemical test (common instrument and operation) calculate with chemistry (wait according to chemical equational computation, organic chemistry computation) two parts.

In this numerous concept, the relation between them is complex. From the point of the connotation between them and extension, the relation between them has the following kinds:

(1) appurtenant relation: The extension of a concept includes the concern of another concept, the relation between two concepts is called appurtenant relation. Wait for a concept like acidity oxide, oxide, compound, pure content, material, latter is included former, the relation between them attributes appurtenant significance;
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