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Learn high school science department jewel of each course method
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Successful both neither is to rely on a talent, the success also is not to lean hard, the success is to rely on accurate method. Only the method just may gain a success correctly. The classmate all round us is ourselves even, study does not try hard impossibly, but achievement is to go up not to go from beginning to end, increase study time ceaselessly, him hope can improve exam result, always be things go contrary to one's wishes. Why? Because your method has a problem.

[the study of Chinese]

Chinese study " 7 footwork " , feel to perhaps can be inspired somewhat to you. This " 7 footwork " medium 7 paces are respectively:

1, read: Reading a text is reviewed the first situation. Through reading, hold full text sketch, know the intellectual place such as characteristic of author affection, article. The text of different type needs different pronunciation: Religion read a text to need con, word, word, sentence, piece wait for each knowledge to nod all-around control, wonderful language Duan Da arrives able to recite; Read a text to need extensive reading oneself, some still needs skip, read rapidly, in an attempt to rises read rate. Read rate, also be in last few years one of projects of check of the university entrance exam.

2, equalize delimits: Reading a text namely at the same time, the key in article sentence, center sentence, a down to new word, new word, come out with different symbolic draw the outline of, can deepen impression already, facilitate again review consolidate, be clear at a glance. Encounter normative sentence, might as well differentiate sentential composition, a sentence of two or more clauses still needs to indicate relation, typical language paragraph should differentiate meaning of administrative levels, Baconian layer. Encounter difficulty, make number even, after facilitating, to the teacher the classmate asks for advice.

3, check: What to check? Examine reference book. Dictionary, dictionary, reference material, want to be used only, produce the effect of reference book as far as possible. Search the answer personally, it is exploration study method, fumble the process that studies the law, also be to improve the process that uses reference book capacity. To seeming the statement that ever was acquainted, might as well check the text that has learned before, rise connection of new old knowledge, "Lukewarm know so new " . The answer of fish passes an analysis to discern, savvy can get rising again.

4, ask: "3 people go, have my division Yan surely " . Review a process to be unavoidable to have difficulty, want to be studied independently, cannot solve really, want to be good at be being consulted to teacher, classmate. Sometimes oneself consult a problem to the teacher, the teacher is probable more than tell to ask relevant knowledge connection rises, make your achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject.

5, write: Common saying says, soon 10, pass as the hand. No matter learn to still take an exam at ordinary times, some classmates often clerical error of word of commonly used word, why? Lack written training namely. Statement of new word, new word, key mights as well on the foundation that remembers in understanding, write repeatedly. Be like a few compositions to inscribe again, often look be like write easily it is difficult to come, also want start writing to write, have grandiose aims but puny abilities of avoid by all means.
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