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For reference guideline: Tall 3 chemistry are reviewed in 4 way that must notice
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Tall the study project that 3 chemistry are reviewed is a system, should rise review efficiency, pay attention to the exploration that studies a method with respect to need, want try every means to catch up with not only of the teacher review train of thought, undertake adjustment according to oneself actual condition even. The chemistry that how will do well one year this is reviewed? Combinative education is real, I think, must notice the following 4 way:

Way one: Be kind to textbook, consolidate double base, mining is invisible relation

Textbook and teaching material are expert, scholars the research achievement of creativity, mix through long-term, iteration practice edit, show to already should mature, book Liyun is embodying the essence of numerous and scientific thinking. According to preliminary count, the concept that middle school chemistry involves and academic large volume are minor have 220 in all many, their compose built the base of middle school chemistry, that is to say, of basic idea and basic theory review us whole and chemical in reviewing, rising to lay a foundation, the main effect that sustain, basic idea and basic theory close nevertheless, from the back review can feel the obstacle is heavy. Accordingly, must cogent attention of this one link review, pay attention to a method, pay attention to actual effect, clear up each concept and theory truly hard. Be opposite for example the understanding of activator, teaching material defines so: "Can change the chemical response rate of other material, and the material that the quality of itself and chemistry do not change " . Almost all student can be recited, thick look to often cannot understand its depth implication; If we are fine to its fine savour one time, can as dry as a chip concept become vivid and interesting -- can we ponder " whether did activator share chemical reaction? " " to chemical response rate character, ' change ' is accelerate or one word points to to decelerate? " " ' chemistry is not changed ' , that physics property can change " wait for a problem. Pass do sth over and over again one time, the understanding to activator can achieve quite high administrative levels.

Moreover, the numerous knowledge in textbook is nodded, need is compared carefully, what consider seriously is very much. For example atomic mass, isotope pledges relative to atomic mass, isotope volume number, element is opposite atomic mass, element is approximate and opposite atomic mass; Body of the isotropy and isomer, homologue, abnormity that be the same as element, same material is waited a moment. The content such as the concept to a lot of likeness in textbook, relevant, relevant, opposite, depend on each other, property, experiment, should use the method that revises quite. Pass much angle, mutiple level quite, make clear its general character, recognize its difference, achieve the goal that masters essence truly.

Dialytic in last few years subject of test of chemistry of the university entrance exam, the student that can discover almost all examination questions all comes from textbook to go up demonstrates experiment of the student after experiment and class. Accordingly, in the teacher guidance falls, ten typical experiment makes clear principle, ravel repeatedly recombine, believe you can be obtained somewhat greatly surely.
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