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How to raise the specific aim that maths reviews
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Maths is reviewed, face vast amount is large, many examinee feel dread already, do not know how to start again. How to rise tall the three specific aim that learn later period to review and actual effect sex? The author combines the experience of oneself education, put forward to suggested at 4 o'clock, consult for everybody.

One, it is key link with key link, clear exam asks

Alleged " key link " , basically point to " the exam explains " and " education outline " . Say simply, " the exam explains " be opposite namely one's deceased father it what, is much more difficult to take an examination of, the specific provision that how studies these 3 issues and explanation. " education outline " it is to write schoolbook and the main basis that have teacher and student, also be the examination and achievement of assess student school work, important level that measures pedagogic education quality. Research " the exam explains " and " education outline " , should care already " the exam explains " in adjustment content, should take seriously again this year maths 5 kinds of version " the exam explains " quite. The maths of the university entrance exam that we can combine on one year evaluates a report, right " the exam explains " undertake transverse with fore-and-aft analysis, discover propositional metabolic law.

This year, what completely state-owned province uses is protestant material, what some province use is old teaching material, proposition of the university entrance exam wants both of give attention to two or morethings for certain. Accordingly, to new, old teaching material in the content of some content and across wants to add an attention more. 2002 of mathematical the university entrance exam " the evaluation reports " point out: "The education henceforth and real learning good ABC should be plunged into above all in reviewing, go up in this foundation, notice each part knowledge to collect medium fore-and-aft connection in respective development process, and the transverse connection between each part knowledge, truth clear sequence of ideas, capture intellectual main force, compose builds intellectual network. Want to take the action propping up of trunk knowledge seriously adequately in always be reviewed. " " Summer 2002, the whole nation already used teaching material of mathematical new course entirely with respect to the new student that reads average high school. Mathematical proposition will pay close attention to the progress that courses of high school mathematics reforms more henceforth, understanding uses the real case of new course examinee; Draw the new thinking in new course, new concept, make check of maths of the university entrance exam more the development direction that reacts maths teachs reform. " accordingly, we want a good way, must have a thorough grasp " the exam explains " , ability does useless work less.

2, with this is this, hold epicene open a way

In last few years examination questions of maths of the university entrance exam insists to inscribe the propositional way with not difficult, not strange difficult problem newly, emphasize " the attention is epicene open a way, desalt is special skill " . Proposition of center of exam of Ministry of Education of no less than grows what what Ren Zichao says everywhere, "Cannot excuse ability check loses with integration of theory with practice change, desalt ABC, foundation is theoretical " . Some intellectual dots are done not have in textbook it seems that had appeared, but it is belonged to " one disclose is broken " circumstance, occurrence likelihood also is some. "The attention is epicene open a way, desalt is special skill " , what the university entrance exam of that is to say takes seriously most is the method that has common sense and relevant knowledge. For example, linear equation era enters conic curve equation, arrange a yuan of quadratic equation, it is OK that means of the discriminate of recycle root, extract a root, Wei amounts to formula of the theorematic, distance between 2 o'clock to wait the work out is in a lot of wonderful examination questions. These problem check know the basic method of analyse geometry, also reflected exam center to put forward " should more from intellectual network hand in collect exercise problems of the design on the dot, consider an issue from meaning of the integral meaning of course, thought " thought. Although remain review time already not much, but we still should notice to return to textbook. Have the example on textbook of have a thorough grasp, exercise in school work only, ability is overall, master ABC and basic method systematically, compose builds intellectual network of maths, with changeless should 10 thousand change. In seek work, beg the new, guiding ideology that begs the proposition that change to fall, although examination questions of maths of the university entrance exam is impossible check is pure the content of recital, memory, also won't study the primary problem that investigates textbook go up, but undertake analytic discovering not hard to examination paper of the university entrance exam, a lot of titles can be found on textbook " shadow, many the university entrance exam are inscribed even if change to what textbook inscribes formerly model, transform reach integrated. Recursive textbook, not be ambitious note a problem model, dead back conclusion, should catch key link to realize however this, be recollected to textbook catalog and comb knowledge, put the emphasis on the knowledge that masters example to cover and solution subject method, choose the theme with a few extremely strong specific aim to undertake aggrandizement trains, review ability to have actual effect.
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