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Escape is tall 3 chemistry review 5 big errors
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Rise tall 3 later, many classmates are determined to exert oneself hard, go all out in work one time well, but the error that took to review insensibly however, the time that gives as a result and energy did not get corresponding results and get one's own back, hit self-confident heart to be wasted again already review time preciously, if foreknew ahead of schedule the existence of these errors, classmates go up to take roundabout way less with respect to the way that can take afore.

One of errors: Gao Sanxue reviews initial stage undertakes chemical and integrated training

Enter tall the classmate state of mind of 3 is more active, many classmate summer vacation time begin to teach oneself tall 3 content or attend all sorts of beforehand Gao Sanpei example learns. Some classmates ask a teacher to appoint reference book, exercise book to begin to become a problem in great quantities. Some classmates always want to achieve materiality progress as early as possible, buy coil integratedly undertake high strenth practices. Actually tall the main task of 3 initial stage is strong base, unfavorable and premature undertake many integrated training. Do proposal intermittence, osmoticly a few tall 3 integrated exercises, it is to give on one hand necessary stimulation, measure ascensive situation as frame of reference on the other hand.

Of the error: Through " problem sea revises a law " improve course result

A lot of teachers think: As long as the student is clever not won't truth. "Make a piece of examination paper, come to wrong local winkle, redo tries one piece roll, how must also meet more a few. 3 lane two lane, the mark rose. " a lot of students are enmeshed at inscribing the sea in, "Become a subject -- answer case -- redo title -- again... " , effects is very actually small. Tall 3 have to become a problem, but light does a title to be no good, want to learn with brain. Can taking an exam in time otherwise also is high component feebleminded. The proposal divides special subject to center an exercise, in practicing a process, undertake inducing ceaselessly, make oneself understanding rises ceaselessly.

Of the error: After learning all methods that solve a problem, nature gets tall cent

Institutional solution inscribes a method again 120 minutes the following and effective, it is more difficult that the mark rises prep above after 120 minutes. Coil integratedly actually island after 120 minutes, the subject that won't become truly is quite little already, the key that increases a mark at this moment is the accuracy that raises answering question.

Mistake sometimes very funny: (1) careful problem is lax. If crucial word, word did not see well, some conditions lose leakage, the title is in him assume sth as a matter of course to wait a moment without what make clear; (2) elementary mistake. The place in the head thinks, the place in the mouth is read write with place of the wording and purpose of what one writes abhorrent, computation inscribes unit mistake, decimally position nods a fault to wait a moment; (3) be given an irrelevant answer. The requirement writes elemental name to keep elemental sign however, the requirement writes corporeal grade to keep corporeal name however, the requirement writes reaction phenomenon to draw up however hair should child is waited a moment. The proposal undertakes classify to his mistake, next a kind one kind is overcome. Do scale to be able to put upside down around order for instance, reaction KCLO3 6HCL, of the quantity of the material of the reducer in KCL 3CL2 3H2O and oxidant write than answering 1: 5 write into 5 however: 1. Can ask by the title ordinal check the number is entered strictly, keep the number in the lower part of reducer and oxidant.
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