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High school maths: How do I arrive 127 minutes from 44 minutes
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First brief the condition that says myself. I am not the sort of very clever student, hard rate is average also, elementary school and maths of junior high school learn Demama, high school has taken an examination of lowest 44 minutes highest 142 minutes (full marks of 150 minutes) , the university entrance exam 127 minutes, university calculus also took an examination of 86 minutes (full marks of 100 minutes) . Although my maths is taken an examination of the mark is not very tall, but how do I still want to talk about my learn maths, especially how do oneself arrive from 44 minutes of high school the university entrance exam process of 127 minutes, be cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions!

Had read the person of high school to know, the photograph of the maths of elementary school and junior high school and high school is compared, level of a volume was needed simply on difficulty. When the maths that studies elementary school and junior high school, should go up in classroom only in a way is serious attend a lecture, the task that assigns the teacher next is finished, maths is taken an examination of 80 minutes (write down by 100 minutes) above is unchallenged. Can arrive high school, want to take an exam every time take an examination of above (80 minutes 100 minutes) , to me this is planted for the person of IQ, lean the in a way on classroom merely serious listen to a talk, the task that assigns the teacher next is finished is again also short of. Because I discover, it is a few more difficult that the title that takes an exam every time compares what the exercises after textbook and teacher tell to want, and the amount is larger also, the exercises after relying on to make textbook only is also cannot satisfy need again, I thought of this moment to become a problem more.

On the way that learns maths, I chose the route that a lot of classmates take at the beginning-----Inscribe naval battle art. Although the tactics that inscribe the sea is painstaking, but effective still to some classmates, be opposite however I not only the effect that did not have to promote, make I was immersed in the first time crisis since learning maths instead. Because I do not have understanding to inscribe the essence of naval battle art, think to want to become a problem more only, become difficult problem, when taking an exam, nature can take an examination of high component, thereby oversight seek the rule from inside every title, summary does the result after the problem, brought about me finally to take an examination of have only then the lowermost cent since-----44 minutes. That period of time I am very confused, him what spent unidentified Bai Wei great strength learns maths still is be not a patch on however other classmate, when others plays basketball, I am learning maths, when others chats, I also am learning maths... . . But why oneself maths always learns bad, are oneself the stuff that learns maths really? I began to suspect to oneself, just when I am dejected when, my good friend interest helped me, he says to me: "*** , you what do this call to learn maths, you this is mechanical movement, a bit brain need not! " at first when it is derisive that I feel very harsh to resemble, fine fine feel very reasonable again presumably, then I am consulted with respect to Xiang Jin.
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