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With be born high anew talk about mathematical study
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Learning high to learn is middle school phase bear before the key after opening period, after many students promote high school, whether the study that gets used to high school maths, it is to be placed in be born high anew before a problem that solves urgently. Tall the turning point that one phase is maths of study high school. Besides learning environment, outside education content and element of ministry of teaching method substandard, classmates should transform idea, rise to know and be improved learn a way, the article at this point the problem talks about bit of view, spend turn period smoothly in order to help fellow students, learn high school maths.

1, the characteristic that knows high school maths

Difficulty of content of high school maths increases, increase the application of mathematical knowledge, the mathematical language such as use character of requirement student union, symbol and graph conveys a problem to undertake communicating, mathematical thoughtway is perforative teaching material from beginning to end, raise taller requirement to ability.

2, the new difficulty that in treating study correctly, encounters and new issue

The great change of mathematical content lags behind with what study a method, in the process that studies high school maths, affirmative meeting encounters many difficulty and problem, classmates should have the courage that overcomes difficulty and hope, get the better of not arrogant, be defeated not to putrid, ten million cannot let problem accumulation be like hill, form vicious circle, want to be below the teacher's guiding however, seek the way that solves a problem, education analyses a problem, solve the ability of the problem.

3, should learn passivity mode change to be active study mode

High school maths is not to rely on teacher churchly, fall in teacher guiding however, rely on oneself to ponder over those who go getting actively, the groove that studies maths is active and active, referenced education process, hold stated active advantageous position to mathematical activity, often can discover and roll out a problem.

4, want the individual character quality with good nurturance

Want to establish true study purpose, foster strong study interest and tenacious study perseverance, want to have enough study hope, the scientific manner of be practical and realistic, and think independently, the innovation spirit that is brave in to explore.

5, want the prepare lessons before class with good nurturance to be used to, increase self-study capacity

Prepare lessons before class also calls the self-study before the class, prepare lessons before class must be jumped over sufficient, effect of attend a lecture is better, effect of attend a lecture is better, can better content of the section below prepare lessons before class, form benign loop, problem of the existence in prepare lessons before class can decrease, self-study ability can rise stage by stage.

6, want the try with good nurturance to inscribe a habit, rise read capability
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