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Chinese learns 4 kinds of methods of be used to
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Learn Chinese and the experience that teach Chinese and experience to talk about the method of 4 kinds of Chinese study from oneself.

One, systematic study method

Only systematic study just can be hit firm oneself intellectual basis, form relatively complete knowledge framework, forming couplet is close together, move rapid intellectual network, just can have pair of knowledge on this foundation apply freely, ability has creation and innovation.

Teaching material of Chinese of our active elementary school, junior high school, high school is in uptodate say, it is a teaching material that compares a system. Chinese study is about to had learned this teaching material above all, had mastered, had used. The compare notes of the guiding of the effort that this whole knowledge system needs to rely on his, teacher, classmate, a long-term process ability has mastered. The study thing of this system we are whole the content with Chinese the mainest study.

Next, other the teaching material of each division also has their whole system oneself, right other the content that the control of system of each division knowledge also is Chinese study actually. The content of Chinese study is all-embracing, the extension of the extension of Chinese study and life is equal, the content of Chinese study and the content that whole study are equal.

Additional, you still can read a few books systematically, with period to some division, some kind the knowledge that has whole system. For example the system reads a few histories, the book of philosophy that waits a respect a moment.

So long-term since, you just can have deep Chinese strength, deep culture insides information. Read, hole bright everything; Writing, have an idea, have literary talent. You have the consciousness of systematic study, intention above all, have the operation of systematic study next, ability achieves ideal goal.

2, 0 break into pieces strike a law

Chinese study is a process that accumulates for a long time, need is in the life is accumulated ceaselessly in medium, study. Accordingly, you can use the fragmentary time in the life to learn, look a bit, write down a bit; Accumulate a few fragmentary knowledge at the same time, be in casual in the tall tower that builds him knowledge. Lu Xun gentleman is good at breaking up see, each of all kinds book breaks up, accumulate oneself useful knowledge at any time and place. "It is difficult to should know science, care about an a bit diligent " , "Many a little makes a mickle, many a little makes a mickle " , of small amount accumulate, can bring qualitative flight. To Chinese course, knowledgeable is encyclopedical accumulate, just what Chinese hears of literacy rise; Learn only rich 5 years, ability talent is 8 bottles high.

Do an observant and conscientious person of the life, do an observant and conscientious person of Chinese study, with 0 break knocked study method into pieces, can turn Chinese study into the issue of absorbing flavour. When people very optional ground learns a thing when, when learning a thing by his interest, when learning, study is amusement.
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