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How to improve study efficiency
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Improving study efficiency is a very serious problem. A lot of student learning result not beautiful, often origin at learning efficiency not tall. Study efficiency often is caused not high by much element. The inferior study interest, undesirable disease that studies habit, body can affect study efficiency. Below, we undertake making an on-the-spot investigation integratedly to this.     

, study problem ego evaluates  

Each study is undesirable person the place of the problem that does not understand oneself really certainly, want suit the remedy to the case, solve a problem, appear important especially to learning a problem to undertake ego is evaluated. To learning the problem basically can undertake from following a few respects ego evaluates:     

1, timeline problem  

Study is undesirable person should meditate following a few problems:

(1) the target that whether makes clear certainly before study rarely, want to finish how many content in how many time for instance.

(2) the timeline that whether didn't study often secure.

(3) whether to often procrastinate so that exercise cannot finish on time,extend time.

(4) whether is study plan can be in a few days of begin only effective.

(5) whether does time of a week study resent 10 hours.

(6) whether all when ask to be spent be on study.

2, attention problem

(1) whether can the position that attention amasses completely maintain only 10 to 15 minutes.

(2) when study, whether is there often the novel, magazine thing that makes me abstracted beside.

(3) whether is there often crackpot experience when study.

(4) whether to often horizon talk about study with person edge.

3, study interest issue

(1) whether to see book head is bloated.

(2) whether to like liberal art only, and do not like science department in a college.

(3) whether to often need to force oneself to learn.

(4) whether to study behaviour from what have no recognizant ground him aggrandizement.

4, study method problem

(1) whether to often use problem naval battle to increase the capacity that solve a problem.

(2) whether to often use machinery to recall a way.

(3) whether to never study a method too to the classmate ask for advice that has learned.

(4) whether to never consult a problem to the teacher.

(5) whether to study extracurricular and auxiliary reading matter actively rarely.   

Generally speaking, answer afore-mentioned questions, positive result (reply " be " ) more, the efficiency of study is lower. Every student that has study problem should list from inside 4 kinds of afore-mentioned problems oneself are main illness, next specific aim ground has treatment. For example defect of a student is such: On timeline, he always likes to pull the job to the 2nd husband to do; On attention problem, he always likes to be in the dormitory inside with the person chatting edge reads; On study interest, he is right professional class disinclination, certain to collateral class is very interested however; Basically use machinery to recall a way on study method. The disease of this student comes out, we can adopt effective remedy.
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