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The undergraduate makes teaching in home sincere letter is the most essential
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Report from our correspondent yesterday, weeks the undergraduate is small are complained to citizen hot line say, he makes teaching in home to student of a junior high school, unexpectedly for no reason at all is given by student parent " fire " , and within an inch of of family education cost was not taken complete. This door dweller tells a reporter, this " pupil teacher " when humanness a person of exemplary virtue, was short of bit of sincere letter, unexpectedly to play " absent from work " , still cheat student parent to say he falls ill cannot attend class.

Xiaozhou says, condition of his home economy is bad, he was written " family education " fascia, apply for a job in doorway of Xin Huashu inn every day, mix finally Mr Li negotiate, teach boy of a junior high school maths, if teach well, can teach this semester the end all the time. Did not think of ability a month, he was fried by student parent squid, his try every possible way to persuade sb, just got family education to expend by actual schooltime.

The reporter contacted Mr Li, he mentions this thing to also have skinful complaint. He says, attend class when small at ordinary times Zhou Zhun, it is quite good to get along with his son.

During National Day, xiaozhou puts forward to want to accompany girlfriend go on a tour, suspensive family education, mr Li also agreed. 8 days, it is the family education time that they agree originally, xiaozhou calls Mr Li, say he had a fever, ask for leave. Ground of Mr Li care asks him otherwise is essential, still urge him to go to a hospital looking. Xiaozhou expresses, already took drug, lie it is good to lie. That evening 7 when much, mr Li calls to weeks of small dormitory, want to ask his illness. Result, xiaozhou's roommate tells Mr Li, xiaozhou did not fall ill, went out to play with the friend, want to just come back very late. Very angry decision fires Mr Li this undergraduate that does not have sincere letter. He says: "Calculate his literacy class to teach well, I also do not want, before the child, the teacher's bearing, sincere letter is the most important. Through changing family education teacher, I attended a sincere letter class to the son. " as we have learned, many parents choose an undergraduate to make teaching in home, outside be being communicated life of young, familiar campus, easily with the child besides the undergraduate, very important is the parent feels undergraduate quality is general taller, can establish model for the child.

Educational expert points out, the undergraduate makes teaching in home, should regard it as not only a profitable opportunity, channel that adds social experience, cannot forgetting more also is him exam the life examination room of sincere letter and responsibility.

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