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What kind of child should ask family education?
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For good to achievement fellow student, ask family education going up somehow is a kind of waste, good because of most achievement student has initiative to learning, encounter a problem to always be brave in to consult a teacher quite, the teacher is solved gladly also for him. The fellow student with poor grade often appears different, what did not understand on classroom always is be ashamed at to teacher open one's mouth. Although encouraged is consulted 2 times to the teacher passable, the time is much, the teacher is unavoidable distrustful student attends class not absorption. Some teachers carelessly means method, criticize a student face to face, this can hit the student's enthusiasm more, arouse them go against turn over psychology, this can make the circumstance becomes only more flooey.

Tell conversely, ask family education to won't appear this kind of circumstance. Family education teacher is to be in more the undergraduate of school or graduate student, their identity makes they more the unfavorable situation that understands a student, also do not have certain teacher's commanding authoritative consciousness, their task helps a student resolve all difficulty on study namely. Do not understand to ask, family education teacher is encouraged to this glad meed a few morer than school teacher. In the meantime, the mind of the undergraduate that makes teaching in home or graduate students is more active, opener, have enterprising and competitive mind more, these also are the characteristics that contemporary high school student has undoubtedly. And, man-to-man education means can make student psychology is compared the balance won't arise to be despised or desolate lose feels, study interest will be stronger and stronger, achievement nature is better and better.

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