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Make teaching in home 6 big worries
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To the undergraduate, family education, it is one of necessary experience in the university absolutely. Change a part, do teacher bright! The parents that hope children will have a bright future, also hope to these undergraduates give his child a good example, the study of stimulative child. It is however between teacher of student, parent, family education, not be so relaxed however, the question in the life is great...

Perplex 1: I do not make the teaching in home that respects me small Wang Daer's student

There are oneself to earn money when just entering the school greatly, because of the home in really not bounteous. Then, through the family education in the school the organization looked for. Student home is in Pudong, be tall one schoolgirl, I am in charge of teaching English. The first day goes " go to work " , I turned 2 times car, asked a road ability comes to her home a lot of times. Take the door, with respect to discovery their home is decorated very beautifully, and goodwife monarch head asks me: "Are you to be born miserably? We should come from the student of impoverished place, honester. " can be imagined, do I have much awkwardness at that time ah... how should I reply? It is poverty to be born, face so naked problem to also can feel afflictive... I explain saying me is from north small town comes later, the hope can earn bit of pocket money that buys a book by right of his ability. But, before the parent of the other side asks I attend class to the child every time however, must write good teaching plan with Word first! Later, I attend class every time, talk with child parent every time, she always is with a pair of commanding manner, saying Shanghai how to be like He Hao, very look down upon us such " be born miserably " , especially northerner of look down upon! Unluckily I am northerner, after listening in the heart very afflictive, although income is good, I or demit dropped this family education. I feel, make teaching in home, it is to should select a good parent above all, communicate what thing is good after going to the lavatory say. Some family education ask the condition is increasing now, should taste learn to hold actor concurrently, should be born miserably... it is all kinds of strange things really, the condition is taller and taller also, for instance, the family education of English of a pupil, the condition is: Cross 6 level, had better have tall mouth letter even! In my eye, wind of this family education became the parent between vie wind, "Family education " the form was more than substantial itself.

Perplex 2: Bring complete teaching in home, maths of safety first Kathy is big 3

I had sought the family education of the university entrance exam of a grow upping through intermediary before, saying is 30 a hour. After going, discovery is many years old 20 male, I teach him high school maths. The place that he stays in is more devious also, room small, just went in I still was frightened really jump. Begin to still go, cross him a little while to interrupt my lecture, ask me a few more personal questions, the age, where is the home, ask I have a boy friend even! I say we are absorption still attend class, cross a month to was about to take an exam again. He is laughing strangely, the look glances sideways on my body ah glance sideways. Lose one's temper begins in my heart, had seen the case that female undergraduate family education is decieved before, want to fear more more, after teaching a hour, escaped with respect to find an excuse. The not yet recover from a fright after going back, the good friend blames me in succession how so bold, a person goes to girl Gu body so devious place. This kind of family education also dare be not received again after I think me. Do not be afraid of 10 thousand, be afraid of in case!
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