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Talk about my first time family education
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Go out for the first time work, already excited nervous.
Someone says: Becoming a teacher is one of the most nerve-racking professions, I also have the same feeling, during I make teaching in home, have the problem that comes from student and its parent. Family education no more than is with raising the student's study achievement is a purpose, this also is the most intuitionistic, most of clearly. The parent gives me the first issue also is this: Can assure to improve result. Implication is, if can stay. Cannot go person. I do not have a choice in those days. I dare not choose. I want to say: I dare not assure, but do not explain I cannot be accomplished, the element in the exam is too much. Besides, one quadratic achievement also cannot show an issue. If the result is bad,you give me the chance, I am not then loath, do you say to go? I dare not assure success, but what I dare assure exclusively is to be in my education process, can faithfully carry out the duty, your child can feel intellectual grow in quantity, and meet be interested in this course that I teach. The parent nods approvingly.
Receive go down these days, enough I am busy, want to review at the same time, seek a title even at the same time, should seek a course not only inside, look for extracurricular knowledge even, so that develop his interest. As the student, I know the value of interest. This is explicit before attending class preparing lessons adequately also is very necessary. If enter the door to explain a title to him, effect affirmation is bad, this uses a few extracurricular knowledge with respect to need, draw his attention from other place come over, such study enthusiasm can be in imperceptible in rise. Also conduce I take him to textbook, according to his study additionally the circumstance chooses a few topics that suit him, from simple proceed with, develop his self-confident heart. First brief hind difficult, rise stage by stage. Subsequently, my actual condition according to student, made study plan for him. The title explains when going every time, when going, relocation works, the basic formula of a few textbook, basic idea still alternated among. Although feel very tired sometimes, but the expression that sees parent satisfaction, I feel very contented.
First time family education, I am well-content to my feeling. My experience is to want to have the attitude that is in charge of seriously only, facing the obstacle that any outsides give is not a problem. (Wu Guojun of 2000 unripe divisions)

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