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ABC of family education experience -- teach you to learn to make teaching in hom
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As a normal school kind the undergraduate that the school fosters, during school, should undertake activity of a few family education appropriately. On one hand, solved the problem of daily expense, on the other hand, accumulated valuable social experience, exercised him ability, to be in the future in intense struggle for existence get victory lays solid foundation.
The faithful adherent that I am this kind of thought and the person that carry out. Since enter a school, I am taking teaching in home all the time, fine fine calculate come, also have two near, have elementary school, of junior high school, also of high school, on their body, I paid my knowledge and enthusiasm, also harvested Gan Tian at the same time, also have agonized, fine fine savour, still do not have taste one time. Then, thick always, in order to provide dinner for each friend.

Interview -- successful the first pace

Before interview, had better contact with student parent, master much thing as far as possible: How to reach student home, bring the student of which grade, take which a few kinds of course, etc. Make comprehensive preparation for interview, raise the successful rate of interview.

Interview has wanted the parent to close above all. Student parent identifies your identity first, chat with you, student parent has rich social experience, in chatting accordingly, should true him expression, do not exaggerate overly oneself ability. Because clumsy ability is very difficult,escape double eye of the parent. Once by parent him get behind dishonest, leave bad impression, continue very hard again. The thing of other respect still should notice in chatting, be like courtesy, proper bearing, expression, these little respects, those who believe everybody can be done is very good, here not give uncecessary details. Additional, emphasize again, self-confidence must be shown to come in the talk with student parent, because student parent thinks probably your not self-confident be not agree with with real capability because of what you say, or, you are done not have can " town " live the student's majesty, student of very difficult help improves result.

Close below even if should try tell. Be about to use the knowledge of previous preparation now, try tell when, want to show enthusiasm as far as possible, firmly have the initiative counterpoises, lead the way that the business develops, arouse student enthusiasm, draw his attention, you should get on study you most adept thing performance comes out, let him admire you, it is not quite difficult also to accomplish this, if your eloquence is bad, so this exercises an opportunity best namely, hold, try the student union before telling to prepare a few data, let you tell, this is not important, you can be taken over, be still afraid of won't?

Try negotiate an end, the parent won't give you very quickly answer commonly, they can discuss with the student, next redo decision, what you can do now is to wait.

Coach -- real ground
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