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The current situation that the family teachs reachs his to teach countermeasure
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Common saying says well, "A the first teacher that parents is the child " . The family teachs since cradle education, also be lifelong education. The position that because its are special,the family teachs and influence, decisive effect is having in project of our big education system.
In recent years, what teach as a result of the family is disharmonious, as a teaching staff, I produced a lot of bewilderment: Why a lot of child learning are quite good now, but start work is ability very poor? Why a lot of children are all-round now, but is psychological quality very bad? Why a lot of children are in the school now is " darling child " , became however in the home " small Xiang Yu the Conqueror " ? Happen in a variety of phenomena on student body, what have to cause our teaching staff is thoughtful.
One, the current situation that the family teachs.
The formation that good deed is used to the student, must be the result that good school education and good domestic education cooperate closely. However, teachers often can give out such deep feeling- - ground of school work laboriously taught a week, keep out a family hard inactive education a day.
One of current situations: Godchild method has after missing the state of mind that biaseds we adopt parent of thorough analysis, research and action not difficult discovery, current domestic education fashion basically has the following sort model:
(one) " hope children will have a bright future " model. This is the domestic education of typical Chinese characteristic, have the proportion that comparative. Parents the reason because of the history, often grow oneself in the process a variety of " regretful " , with the best " hope " places the child body in oneself to go up, be opposite consequently the child " grow into useful timber " expectation cost is higher. Incorporate is in:
Firstly, value a score. The child does not learn well, it is the parent most a Gordian knot; Homework mark of the child, it is the parent most the care, most sensitive topic. "Learn " and actor criterion " award " , already became a lot of parents to urge the commonly used measure of filial study, "Study is consummate, achievement is consummate " the sole aim that is the child. Then, the parent monopolizes the housework that replaced the child, it is to feel distressed the child, do not agree to impose duty prematurely on child body; 2 it is to disdain to let the child work " " , be afraid of the study that affects the child. If child checked a good score, it is in the home " the day with bright sunshine " ; If child checks difference, the parent does not have smile a few days.
Secondly, be willing to part with or use invests. Many parents are asked for children " family education " , buy " referenced " , perhaps coach personally, ground of be most willing to bears hardships be put into trouble, the purpose has only- - everything for the child, all study for the child, all marks for the child. Besides exhort beyond the homework that the child learns the school, after school time accompanies the child to attend composition class, calligraphy class, English class, art class, music class again... in the memory in the parent, this is completely a kind " responsibility " .
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