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Buy religion complementary book avoid by all means is blind
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Winter vacation is coming, many parents begin to walk into a bookshop to buy what holiday charges to teach complementary book for the child again.

Yesterday, the reporter sees in a Xin Huashu inn, middle and primary school teachs complementary bookcase stage to surround full the parent. Reporter discovery, parents are right all sorts of tests, consolidate, rise, sprint kind test subject has a special liking, ms. Lin to go up the daughter of 6 grade chose elementary school the book of the 12 respects at the beginning of Ben Xiaosheng, still ask a daughter persistently " enough " . A few parents still made elaborate preparation before buying a book, asked teacher or family education to leave to grow long book list. The generosity of parents lets the joyful of young lady of the member that receive silver of the bookshop, the reporter observed 10 minutes in the counter, the book that discovers neither one parents are bought under 100 yuan.

The reporter discovers when brand shop of some teaching material is interviewed, although bookshop business area is not worth 50 square metre, but from elementary school one grade arrives tall the everything needed is ready of of all kinds reference book of 3. " examination questions of English of the university entrance exam is chastening " , " science department of 2007 the university entrance exam is direct " the reference book of and so on, too many things to see letting a person. Say according to this inn controller, these days, everyday many parents buy a book, much when have hundreds person.

The children that the book of such heavy also lets follow at the back of the parent of the heavy in the heart, the princely morning of some elementary school follows at the back of father, have pity on ask father to buy two less. He says, oneself read 5 year now, begin from 2 grade, father is annual holiday should be bought to him a lot of teach complementary book, forcing he is done, but every time he is not done, very painful. To this, concerned personage thinks, parents want when buying reference book discreet, lest be just the opposite to what one wished.

The reporter waits for part seek by inquiry to books edifice and Xin Huashu inn again subsequently, discover the circumstance also differs very few. One is held copy the parent that title scrip comes round to clean out a book to say, he is special to go up tall the son of 3 buys what a few teachers appoint to teach complementary book. Go going to work to hurried back, he does not have even lunch there's still time to eat even. Reporter discovery, when parents are buying a book, what care most is the content of the book only, and care about the price rarely.

According to division big education expert thinks, although at present our country advocates quality education energetically, but various school still is given priority to with should trying education. The pains that the parent hopes children will have a bright future is understandable. However he also reminds, present teach complementary market good and evil people mixed up, the parent is being bought religion the avoid by all means when coaching is blind. Best the opinion that can seek school teacher, lest buy improper book, killed the child instead.
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