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9 kinds of wrong family education mode!
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The first talk about type

Meditate oneself, talk about type? Him check the number is entered.

A lot of children say, listen to father mother the nag is irritated. Ask you to want, you often chatter between husband and wife irritated still. The talkative wife that makes the man is irritated, the talkative man that makes a wife is irritated.

Talking about type is one of foolish family education means.

Hope parents are determined to desertion, must not talk about type to the child.

Type of the second rebuke

Nagging is rebuke at the same time. The child always keeps in the home by rebuke: You how not diligent? How don't you do work? How do you know to play only?

Rebuke is a bit maligner than chattering, because rebuke often contains condemnation character.

Abolish rebuke type thoroughly. It is these wrong way poisonning the child, destroy study state of the child, extinguished the flame of child enthusiasm.

Type of the 3rd rebuke

Easily with respect to example child, this is bad also, that is incorrect also.

The 4th beat and scold type

The parent amount that beats and scold type is not much, but worse to the child's influence, so certain that cancel.

The 5th type that amount to mark

The average result that stipulates the child takes an exam must achieve how many minutes, before the place should be entered a few, go up which key middle school, take an examination of which famous brand university. This makes amount to mark type.

The type that amount to mark also is harm child the family education means of 5 kinds of enthusiasm. An active and aspirant child can be self-ordained target, the parent forces the high end that breaks away from child seed border go up in child body, the child will be very tired, accentuated the child's mortgage.

The sentiment before a lot of children take an exam is very intense, why, pressure is too great. If incorrect child uses force before the exam, tell the child to want to take an examination of an actual result to go only, result child may be taken an examination of weller, the meeting is a lot of better. Face good achievement him child to be returned possibly dissatisfactory, feel some few points loses cent too much, be willing to continue hard. The parent should comfort the child instead. This ability is good position.

You established a standard to the child first, make child psychology particularly nervous, concern cannot amount to mark. When the child cannot amount to mark, you talk about type, rebuke type, effect affirmation is bad.

The 6th fatigue type

The school does the tactics that inscribe the sea, the parent is again additional add study time and study content.

The 7th monopolize type is accompanied read form

The child's study you worry about for him, coach perpetually, child of for company of from morning till night learns.

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