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With child communication, what cannot make is wrong
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Proposal: Praise the child not highbrowly.

"Really beautiful today " than " you are the most beautiful " appropriate much. "This story is really interesting " than " your taletelling is whole class is the greatest " more reasonable.

Example: When parents makes a noise greatly, the child that lets 5 years old was heard, do mom want to make an explanation one time to the child.

The mistake replies: "I want to let you know, why does father mother quarrel this afternoon. Why does father mother quarrel this afternoon..

Some parents think if the child knew the cause and effect of brawl won't cranky. Right, hear parents to produce intense brawl, the child can fear, unhappy, but hold the thing overall between adult in the palm can bring to the child instead be anxious needlessly, in their cerebella melon, those who feel the life resembles them seeing in telecine is confused in that way, brittle, your couple feels intense brawl is compose of the small twists and turns on long marital way, bit nevertheless probably, the child can jump to worst condition immediately however: Do this quarrel I am caused? Can be father mother still mixed? Our home should come loose, father mother does not want me.

Proposal: Tell the child, father mother anger is too great a moment ago, this has nothing to do with with you.

Next, come with your spouse before the child a simple hug or it is to say a speaking word, such children just can be at ease, feel alarm removed. With child preach manage mom uses a method opportunely

Example: After child of 5 years old comes back from nursery school downhearted, because the companion mocks her,have nose of head of a garlic.

The mistake replies: "Your nose is quite beautiful, mom likes you this appearance. Mom likes you this appearance..

Mom is nevertheless in comfort child, no matter she is long,tell her what about, mom loves her euqally. But it is true that this is equal to the thing that tells the child she is afraid actually. In fact, child of 3 years old two begins to notice his appearance. Arrived 56 years old, they are compared jointly with others, can complain next: "My leg is too thick. " " am I too short? " you tell him: "Your this appearance is very good-looking. " the judgement that may make him suspect him, the standard that he can tell him with you goes seeing the person all round, what he feels you do not understand him possibly also is sad, meet a person press discomfort in the bottom of the heart later then, what to say to you no longer, psychogenic disorder appears in the socialization henceforth.

Proposal: If the child feels where he grows badly to look, ask him first, making with who quite. Can discuss with him next, look can help him. If the child feels he is not as lofty as the companion, can tell him each one has the place with pretty each one, if think really a bit loftier, can encourage him to practice start feeling more tall, study swims. Of course, occasionally to the child complain we are really helpless, below this kind of case, you or can express to understand to his discomfort, must not ignore.
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