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Termed begins, helping child formulate study a plan please
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"Everything stands beforehand, do not abandon beforehand. " a good study plan can help the child learn target, reasonable arrangement clearly the time, consciousness that enhances study and enthusiasm, improve study efficiency... the importance that study plans pair of child school work, actually parents know! 
Nevertheless, a lot of parents think, formulate study plans the issue that is the child and school. Although can ask to supervise and urge according to the school,child formulate study plans parents, but the parent that with the child a formulate study plans, amount to really not much. 
Do not know parents had seen the study of him child formulate plan? Wait for the limitation of the respect as a result of ability of the cognitive level, means that ponders over a problem, expression, the study plan of a lot of children learns to the task, implementation studies a target and be not had to finishing actually direct, the action of materiality. And plan of study of formulate of school requirement child is lay a course of expectation have the aid of on older rate the value that this one form lets the child understand a plan, and the habit of nurturance lay a course, the study plan of child formulate is feasible, old
Of Shi Zhen cannot one by one bother about. Accordingly, the child, especially low grade and study ability slant weak child, want the study plan that formulate gives an ideal, have to parent helps cannot. 
A complete study plans to include to learn the content such as target, timeline, specific executive measure or measure normally. 
When formulate study plans, the parent must guide the child mature below a few one respects: 
Why -- why to learn. The purpose that learns namely and meaning. This is the motivation that the child learns actively, actively. 
What -- what to learn, achieve what goal. The target that studies namely reachs a goal. This is the materiality part that studies a plan. 
Who -- I am " who " . Namely actual condition of the child, for example, fundamental level of the child, style of characteristic of study ability, individual character, study, advantage and weak sports. This is to assure practical fundamental premise. 
Whom -- to who request study is helped, learn together with who. A good teacher, the study with strong ability of a study is companionate, it is to the child's study huge is promoted. 
How -- specific study means and measure. This is the requirement that ensures study plans to be able to carry out. 
In the course that in help child formulate study plans, parents still answer special attention the following respects: 
Of ● child " expand a division recently " where? 
Of the child " expand a division recently " it is the area between the existing level that points to the child and the level that can reach through certain effort. According to the child " expand a division recently " affirmatory study target, can avoid to study a target too low, do not have stimulation and prompt action to the child's study; Also can prevent " reach for what is beyond one's grasp " the study enthusiasm of child of evil consequence harm and study enthusiasm. 
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