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15 years old of girls connect Henan jump 5 class are taken an examination of att
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Report from our correspondent (He Zhao of reporter Yao Dechun's reporter establishs Wang Cheng) " attend a college 15 years old, took an examination of 646 minutes, reading Hua Zhongke to build the architecture with town planning institute greatly is. " a suit is lilac sportswear, side side is combing two a mistake or shortcoming that may be exploited by others, yesterday, appear in university of Hua Zhongke ability to see the New Year in when Xu Jingjing when the spot, everybody is opposite this year only little girl of 15 years old was full of curiosity.  

Xu Jingjing comes from Henan to make prosperous, in the mother accompany come down the school reports for duty. The station is seeing the New Year in the spot, she gazes around often, the hand that pulling mom asks this asks that in a low voice.

Xu Jingjing is in elementary school is read-only arrived 3 grade arrived with respect to skip a grade junior high school, junior high school read a year to be taken an examination of smoothly went up key high school of place, after 3 years if wish,come to university of Hua Zhongke ability again.

After going to a dormitory, mom just cleared the article such as bedding from inside ark come out, xu Jingjing took off a shoe agile ground climbs go to bed to begin to hang mosquito-curtain, make the bed, mom acts as below her assistant.

At the beginning, the reporter still fears so small child won't wash the dress a little, she says jokingly however: "Had not learned technically, but the dress of bit should be no problem. But the dress of bit should be no problem..

Xu Jingjing's mom says, the daughter is read tall already began in residence temporarily, oneself at that time not quite be at ease, every other is about 9 days to visit a daughter, nevertheless brilliant of essence of life got used to in residence very quickly to live, learned to take care of oneself; The daughter attends a college now, she believes the daughter can be done well likewise.
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