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Praise and encourage: Let the child be done weller
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"Of wisdom child, make father happy. Ignorant child, call a mother to be anxious. " (" · of the Old Testament admonitionses " ) become father and mother hope the child can have prospect, and growing process of the child, get a variety of factors restrict and affect. Actually, if parents can see the child's advantage, praise and encourage him, the child can carry forward his advantage. So the teacher puts forward " visit a student with the eye of appreciation " , parents also should let the child grow in the look that he admires.

The parent's narration: The child kept his home

My working unit leaves home further, nowadays of class of one the world is worn rain, step down from the bus when me when prepare to risk pluvial walk home, I was stupefied: My child of 7 years old is taking an umbrella in the hand, the umbrella was not maintained, the child stands in rain, drench essence of life is wetly all over. See I left a car, he just maintains the umbrella hand I. Return the home, I praise him is a sensible child not only, and still be a child that has definite idea, he is very glad. A day when some year the child is on winter vocation, I and wife went to work, his person is in the home. Abrupt, the radiator of my home is dissilient, water flows everywhere. He is very calm the ground goes to neighbour aunt home appealing. Reach corridor point again next, say the thing to an uncle that comes down from upstairs, the request helps. Two adult come to my home, move be afraid of drench the thing of water, the branch that maintains to responsible central heating next made a telephone call. The child still thinks of at this moment, the room of a boiler around may be concerned with central heating. Come to boiler room again then, the worker that is on duty to boiler room appeals. Although boiler room is of responsible piscina heat addition, but see the child appeals, the worker that be on duty also comes to my home, the help cleans out central heating water. After half many hour, I return the home, see the child is pulling a bottom of a trouser leg, taking iron to gather child the central heating water that cleans out the ground in house to go up together with the uncle aunt that help. After the event, resource of my praise child is brave, was brought up really, can replace adult help sb to get over a difficulty.

Parental experience: The child sees his value in appreciation

Give the child the look of appreciation more, be helpful for developing the child's good moral act convention and character, the value sense that can need with him to the child, sense of responsibility and self-confident heart, be helpful for enhancing the child trust to parents. Give the child the look with appreciation more, with respect to the advantage that can see child extraordinary and advantage, to the child blame little drop, affirmation is bit more, praise the place that he becomes rightly, supporting him with real operation is very necessary. If the child sees some classmates on the class had a cold, he takes the drug in the home to the classmate of sicken, do not have in the home sometimes, I am bought with respect to castration inn; The school had a classmate to have serious defect or the risk that some students face unable to go to school because of be badly off, school organization develops contributory activity, I give the child a few money more, make him much contribute a few... such encouragement and support makes the child very glad, he also can see the value of oneself.
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