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Wrong family education has how many child to live in the shadow of bludgeon
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Dispatch of Qinghai news network these a few years, more and more children run away from home, kip to commit suicide even, what more and more minor slipped to commit a crime is abyssal, more children are more and more dissocial, selfish, flimsy, lost love stage by stage, sympathize with heart, collective consciousness, do not know esteem parents and others... experienced and the callous coma of a few minor, ritzy more let a person feel be bitterly disappointed laughs sb to score... but, the parent that criticises the child is sneaking blindly and teachers, challenge again and again present children how people, whether had analysed the social source that these phenomena generate seriously, whether to meditate live oneself educational way?

   When does wrong family education rest

Last summer, mr Zhang finds Xining citizen newspaper office, want to publish a advertisement that find a person, search the daughter that oneself run away from home. He tells a reporter, , the daughter that did not think of 14 years old is being held in the arms unexpectedly " golden bottle plum " look with pleasure, the Mr Zhang fan under choler daughter an a slap on the face. But, the following day after school the daughter did not come home unexpectedly, searched several days to was not found. The reporter tells Mr Zhang, beg as desire the high school student of flourishing, see itself of book of this reference books with material taken from various sources and arranged according to subjects do not have a fault, the key is the parent depends on how guiding from the front, is not simple ground is interfered or gruffly checks. If be realized somewhat,Mr Zhang falls in the reporter's guiding. A few days are lain between when, mr Zhang calls tell a reporter to say, found a daughter, at that time, she and 4 girls outside fastening already try to win sb's favor go the train ticket of Lanzhou, resent to the parent and 4 girls that follow her one case also run away from home. However, mr Zhang called again recently tell a reporter, oneself daughter ran away from home again, the reason is Mr Zhang to the daughter " beyond the mark attention " let her " be driven beyond forbearance " . To look for a daughter, he and wife had gone to work involuntarily. Pained Mr Zhang says anxiously: "It present child does not know how to should teach ability is good that present child does not know how to should teach ability. "

The reporter understands, the parent that can'ts bear so painfully like Mr Zhang is absent a few, but, those who make a person anxious is, these blindly blame child is bad educational parents, the educational pattern that very few somebody has analysed him seriously is logical, among them very big the teachs the child way that one part person continues still is " do not give a face to the heart " " the talented person gives under bludgeon " traditional education means, at every turn with the parent identity that stand high above the masses, berate, beat and scold the child, cause the concern between they and children nervous with each passing day, and lack the children that communicate with parents, often collide with parent generation. And additionally one kind of wrong education way is beyond the mark to the child mix fondly indulge, leave many defect and undesirable habit to child be used to, the good deed that cannot form social humanness is normative. These children at ordinary times extremely conceited, capricious absurd is, persist one's old ways, it is a center with ego. A lot of teachers feel this kind of student is bad to teach, want you to correct their problem only, their parents looks for teacher logic likely, for oneself child support. Mr. Liu of Xining city some middle school thinks, final child meets the educational pattern of parent mistake with the mistake, even extreme means answers those who take the parent. Live in 51 Ms. Shi Huizhen ladies of Xining city of the road to mention education the child is regretful: "As a result of the child as a child when we are very doting he, but, when the child grows often outside stir up trouble, or was hit, or laid the person, say more to him, he is flat twist head goes, often 10 days half month does not come home. Later, when his father scolds him, he takes mop to be gone to actually a paste on father body one. Everything what think we are paid to him, how to also want to be less than him to be able to start work to his father, so, his father often weeps sadly secretly, this strange ourselves issued a bitter pill to swallow to him wine! This strange ourselves issued a bitter pill to swallow to him wine!!
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