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Parents is in charge of severely, the child loves to lie
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Children lies is almost the problem that every parent can encounter. Major parent can regard it as a more serious issue, penalty also is weighed accordingly a few. But simple penalty can let the child think, the reason that is punished is crammer was exposed by parents, is not to lie itself. Result things go contrary to one's wishes, these children lie more frequent, adepter.

Complacently is one tastes the boy that learns to hold actor concurrently. When he is 10 years old, because lie, by father retype. As a result he becomes aggravated, lie constantly not only, and it is remain calm heart does not beat every time. The course that lies for the first time is very simple: A day midday, complacently tells mom to want to go to Children's Palace drawing afternoon, but mom is informed Children's Palace of midday of that the world not to open the door at all accidentally. In the evening, in parents examine minutely repeatedly below, complacently just tells truth, square played the Jiang Bin that so a few on he and class male fellow students make an appointment to be built. Then father agitatedly...

I just was informed this thing after a few years, I ask why complacently lies at that time. He says: "I promised others in the morning (classmate) want to go. " that simple reason makes me contemplative very long. The demand that should say littoral square to play is very reasonable, then I examine minutely again: "Why to want to lie? " the requirement of former father and mother is stricter, if say continuously,complacently realizes, be rejected probably by parents, such his meetings do not have face and credit very much before the classmate. At this moment I just discover backside of small complacently crammer still has a sincere letter actually.

The parents of I and complacently and complacently sit together, tell them, if I am the parent of complacently, I am met how be done. Ask they listen first, publish impressions next.

I say: "Above all, I do not want blame child to meditate however oneself, because the child has so reasonable requirement to dare not say continuously however, this is a serious problem. Where is my responsibility? Did not give to a few reasonable requirements of the child at ordinary times contented? Often reject him crude and simply to those ask inconsequently and explain without patience why? " apparent, create such result, main responsibility should be in parents.

Such frame work that I can drop parents, talk calmly with the child. Above all the sincere letter that I want to affirm his crammer backside, tell complacently: "You want to talk before the classmate the manner that calculates a sentence is very good. But should discuss with father mother first later. " next I should tell complacently: "Go with the classmate it without what is not OK that littoral square plays, you want what to do to be able to say continuously with father mother later. If father mother does not agree with regular also meeting to say the reason with you well. Father mother is done badly in this respect previously, also draw a lesson later. Also draw a lesson later..
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